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Need to see someone's private Instagram Profile without giving Follow requests? and No Survey? Start from here- Do you have a crush on someone or someone whom you would like to know more about, their background, their activities, and hobbies? or you want to do an ethical hack to find some online crime? Since we are in the era of social media, everyone loves to post pictures of their daily doings for their friends, and one of the most popular social media for this is Instagram currently. Don't misuse these methods to view any Instagram private profiles, our intention is to make the internet a better place.

Instagram Private Profile viewer

Instagram is the photo-sharing and social media platform, but unlike Facebook, Insta has taken up certain security measures to protect the privacy of users. If the profile you do not follow is public, you can still see all their posts and videos. But if the profile is protected, you can't see their info, photos or stories, you have to first be their follower, and only then you can see their content. In my previous post, I've shared ways to view someone's Instagram profile picture and Find who unfollowed you on Instagram.

There are very less or almost zero direct ways in which you can view private Instagram profiles without any survey, here are a few of them:

How to View Private Instagram Profile with No survey

After some online research, I've come up with 3 ways to view someone's Private Instagram profile.

1. Instagram Private Profile Viewer Tools online

According to the official rules of Instagram, there is no way to view private content unless the person accepts your follow request. It cannot be easy to trick such a giant technology. There are plenty of Instagram profile viewer tools that claim that they can provide you with the content but often they are frauds since they take your personal information, and in some cases, your money as well. Nevertheless, if you are curious to see what exactly they are doing, you can visit these websites, mostly these Instagram private account viewers will ask no survey, If they ask for Survey, just skip and follow the next website. if nothing works move to the next method. - Instagram Private profile Viewer


Using InstaSpy you can view Instagram Private accounts Profile, Photos, comments and more for completely free. This is one of the safe and easy ways to check any locked Instagram profile. You have to type in the username of the Insta account you want to look into. - Private Instagram Viewer

View Private Insta profiles

Private Instagram viewer is another great tool in this business, No signup, No surveys you just have to enter the username and click access now to check the profile you want. - View Private Profile Now

Private Instagram Viewer

This is another Instagram profile viewer tool, the specialty of this one is you can find celebrity's private accounts and check their posts, IGTV, Status, comments and you can also DM them. - Private Instagram Viewer


If you are looking for a tool or site when you are blocked by someone and you want to see their profile during this situation, this is the best tool you can rely on. Blocked Insta accounts can be easily seen through this app. - Private Instagram Account Viewer


Finally, Instalooker, when the above tools didn't help you, you can try this one, this is the Safe way to check someone's private Insta account. Enter Insta username and click start viewer and you'll see the profile you want without following them.

Bonus: How to Hack Someone's Instagram Account in Ethical ways.

2. Ask the person

It might be surprising to see this point for you as a reader, but trust us, this is something people overlook a lot. People are not always rude or ignorant as you might think and the person might just accept the follow request if you just ask them.

You can send a follow request and wait for the person to accept it. Else, you can send a personal DM and ask them to accept your request or even specify as to why you want to view the pictures of the person and connect with them. This more often can make the person happy, than annoyed. Always learn to be genuine and honest, every person likes these traits and they might even just follow you back.

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3. Create a dummy ID

If the above step is not working out, you can create a dummy ID with some other name and customize it in such a way that the person will accept the follow request when sent through this ID.

If it is for a girl, you can perhaps insert a girl’s DP and write a dummy name. The best alternative which is not even unethical is to either create quotes or photography page and then sent the request to the person. Everyone likes to have such content on their feed.

Disclaimer: Note that this step is not the right ethical thing to do, and you must keep in mind as to no way compromise with the privacy of the person to whom you want to follow. If your end goal is just to see their pictures and not do anything ugly with them or the person, then even this alternative is okay, provided the first one does not work. Else, it is absolutely not okay to create a fake ID.

Ready to view Instagram Private Profile?

Above are the very few methods you can use to view any non-public or private Insta account. You can also find more ways to view them if you find any share us in comments and we'll make sure to update them.



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