How to Delete Skype Account Permanently

InternetHow to Delete Skype Account Permanently

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Delete Skype Account

With so many video chat services available via WhatsApp, Google Duo, IM Messenger, etc. you might want to delete Skype from your device entirely. The once highly popular skype application is replaced by several other applications that claim to be a lot better at providing the video call services using a clutter-free interface, higher video quality and less utilization of mobile data.

Skype application is available for download on both smartphones/tablets as well as desktops/laptops as an application. The major problem with Skype is that it often consumes a lot of memory even if it keeps running in the background. A good way to get rid of Skype from your device is to delete Skype from your device. However, this does not solve the problem entirely. You are still left with a redundant Skype account.

You can follow this guide to delete Skype account permanently. However, before we discuss the various steps associated with deleting the account, we will discuss some important parameters that you need to keep in scope.

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Important: Read Before Deleting your Skype Account

  1. Uninstalling the application from your device is not the same as deleting your account. In case you uninstall the Skype app from your smartphone/laptop, you are only removing the application itself and not the account.
  2. Once you delete Skype account, you need to create a new one entirely to use its services again.
  3. On deleting the Skype account, the other accounts linked to it like Facebook, Windows Live, Yahoo accounts, etc. stay unaffected.

    Skype Alternatives:

  4. Some other applications that you should consider using in place of Skype after deleting it, for video calling, include WhatsApp, Google Duo, Google Hangout, etc.
  5. It is possible that you are bothered by the auto-start feature on the Skype application that allows the application to turn on automatically as soon as you start your computer. Under such circumstances, you can disable the auto-start feature on the application using the application’s settings or disabling it in the task manager on your computer.
  6. You can stay offline or hidden from the Skype platform if you are not using it without deleting the Skype account. The innate feature on the application allows you to change your status to offline, busy, away or online depending upon your need.
  7. When you delete your Skype account, someone else can use the same username as yours to make a new account. All your credentials, as well as chats, are immediately lost and there is no way to recover them, even if you make a new Skype account altogether.
  8. Most of the subscriptions linked to your Skype account are deleted along with the account too. There is a chance that you do not get the value for your money. So, it is advisable that you use max out all your Skype subscriptions before deleting the account permanently.

    Skype credits?

  9. All your Skype credit to is deleted with the account. You might not want to use your Skype for a while rather than lose all your credit. Under such circumstances, just update a status on Skype stating, Not using Skype or Contact on Google Duo and uninstall the application after.
  10. You also get the option to send automatic email replies to all your contact who wish to contact you via Skype on the deleted account.

Now that you’ve understood the various parameters linked to your Skype account, I will teach you how to delete the account permanently.

Method to Delete Skype Account Permanently

Follow these steps to delete your Skype account for good.

  1. You cannot delete the Skype account from the application on the smartphone or the laptop. You need to go to the account deletion page available here

Skype signin

  1. Now enter the required credentials for your Skype account. The page will ask you for your Skype username and password here and hit enter, for deleting the account.
  2. You will need to confirm your identity before you can delete your account.
  3. You can either confirm it via email or via text (if your mobile number is linked to the account).

Skype identify

  1. On selecting the verification option, you need to enter the required email ID or phone. Once, you do so, you will receive a confirmation message with a code on the selected method for confirming the deletion.

Delete skype- enter code

  1. Check this code on the designated number or email id and enter the necessary details on the deletion page.
  2. Now, follow the steps as they appear on the page to delete your account permanently.

You can revert your decision to not delete the account for the next 60 days by logging in to the account once. However, if you do not log in during this period, your account is deleted by Skype officials automatically.



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