How to cut video clips from video Online and Offline

InternetHow to cut video clips from video Online and Offline

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Sometimes we don’t want a full video clip to be saved in our Mobile or PC due to Storage Problem or Whatever, In such cases, we’ll Struggle a lot, How to trim videos from beginning to half or at the middle, we need a tool. Here is my suggestion to cut video clips both online and offline format can be Mp4 or anything.

Cut video Clips Offline:

Make use of VLC to Trim videos offline, VLC media player-It is one of the software we are using for opening video files. It supports most of the video formats and also has easy to use interface which is not only useful for playing video files but also it can be used to clip or trim a video clip. It is very easy to use VLC as a video clipping tool. It doesn’t corrupt the original video quality.

If you are using windows here are the steps to clip a video using VLC:

1)Open the VLC media player and open the video file you want to crop.

2)Go to VIEW in the menu bar and select the advanced controls options.It will make the recording tools visible in the VLC interface

3)There will be four new buttons in the toolbar. The first button from the left is used to record the video.

4)The start and stop marks of the video clip can be specified using the button marked with AB.

5)Click the record button,it will start the video clipping.

6)You have to wait till the scene reaches the desired cannot fast forward it

7)Again click on the record button to finish the clipping

8)The clippings will be automatically saved in the default video files like VIDEOS in windows library

If you are using MAC, here are the steps to clip a video Using VLC:

1) Open the VLC media player and open the video file you want to crop.

2) Place the indicator in the starting sequence of the video clip from which you want to crop

3) Select save from the playback menu.

4) Again select the record option from the playback menu if it reaches the desired part.Also you can use a shortcut cmd + alt+ r to start and stop the recording.

5) The clipped video will be saved automatically in MOVIES on your mac.

Cut Video Clips Online:

Here is the simplest way to cut Videos online, Make sure you have Good and uninterrupted Internet speed and follow the below Steps:


  1. Goto:
  2. Open your File or Used Google Drive or Give URL of the Video
  3. Cut the video
  4. Save it.

If you Found anything hard, Comment below and we’ll get back to you!

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