How to Start windows 7 in safe mode - with and without F8

Start Windows 7 in Safe Mode

What is SAFE MODE?

Safe Mode in Windows Operating system is a Troubleshooting Option, that allows your PC to Start with Limited Applications
* No Startup Programs, No Themes, No Pretty Desktop Runs during Safe Mode.
* Only Basic Files and Drivers which are necessary to run Windows are started.
* You can Opt to various Safe Mode Options, With or Without Networking (Prefer Without Networking in case of any Virus issues), You could also find "Start Windows Normally" Option when your PC got Crashed.
* You could Find the "SAFE MODE" text visible at the Top Right of the Desktop.

Start Windows 7 in Safe Mode With F8:

Restart or Switch ON your PC and Follow the below-given steps to Enter into Safe mode in Just 5 Minutes.

1. Press F8 key before Windows Logo Appears:

Press the F8 key before the Windows 7 Logo Splashes your Screen, If you have two Operating Systems Running in your PC, Pick the one which you want to Enter Safe Mode and then Follow the Steps.


2. Choose SAFE MODE Option:

You'll get a screen as shown below, Choose SAFE MODE option in the Screen,

Start-windows-7-safe-modeAs I said Before, You could find some other Options too, Make use of them if needed.

3. Wait Till Windows 7 Files gets Loaded:

After Clicking the Safe Mode Option, Windows Files starts loading, Please wait patiently till it gets finished.


4. Login with Admin Account:

Try Login with your Admin account, Because Windows need Administrators approval to enter Safe Mode.


5. Do the Changes now in Windows 7 Safe Mode:

Now, You'll be Entering into Windows 7 with Black wallpaper and a SAFE MODE text appearing in the Desktop, do all the changes that you want to do.

Start Windows 7 in Safe Mode Without F8:

If you got any Problem Using the F8, then Don't worry windows have some other Options, try these below-given steps to enter into SAFE MODE.

1. Goto RUN (Winkey + R):

To Enter into Safe Mode after a Restart, enter in to RUN by Pressing Winkey + R or Goto Start and Find RUN there.

2. msconfig:

Type "msconfig" in RUN Option


3. Click Boot Tab:

Click the Boot tab in the msconfig option, Under Boot Option, you could find SAFE MODE option, check it by choosing the option "minimal", Minimal is by Default.

4. Restart Option:


Windows will ask you for Restart Option (Restart or Exit without Restart), on clicking Restart, Your PC will get restarted and it will Enter into Safe mode automatically.

Oops, :O not a Windows 7 user!!

Then try this: Start Computer in Safe mode

Found any Difficulties in Entering SAFE MODE? Feel free to show them in Comments!



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