MP3 Converters Online - 3 Best tools

Internet MP3 Converters Online - 3 Best tools

Online Mp3 Converters

If you want to convert an audio file you have to another format for enhanced compatibility, to save space etc., what you need is an MP3 audio converter. Tools and programs which offer this service will let you upload or import an audio file and convert it into a format of your choice at the quality you desire.

We here introduce 3 such online media converters which will allow you to do just the same. All these online tools allow you to choose the quality of the output and the desired format. They have very simple user interfaces and don’t require a lot of expertise to operate and use.


This online audio converter supports a variety of audio formats and provides output in .mp3, .wav, .wma, .ogg formats. You can also select the quality of the audio output by choosing the bitrate. This application is very simple in its use and doesn’t provide a lot of advanced facilities for the users, apart from the ability to choose the bitrate. online Mp3 converter

They also have a full featured desktop application and if you enjoy the results you obtain, you might as well install their PC software to convert audio files in bulk and enjoy. You can download the PC app from here. Beware it is a shareware and might contain ads.


This online audio converter tool has been around for some time and is very convenient to use, much like our #1 recommendation. This tool provides further features like adding a fade in or a fade out effect at the beginning and end of an audio file. It also provides the ability to custom choose the start time and the end time of the audio file if you choose to use a video file from your computer for extracting the audio.

This tool is especially useful for converting audio files to ringtones, easily and hassle free. They provide outputs in over 7 formats and allow you to choose the quality of the resulting audio file. The cloud converter also lets you convert video file between popular formats. They also have a YouTube video converter as part of their cloud services. You can access that here. This tool allows you to provide the link to a YouTube video and the tool will either extract the audio with all the previously mentioned custom effects or convert it to another common video format.

3. Audio converter online

Courtesy of 123APPS LLC which has been around since 2012, this is a somewhat advanced audio converter compared to the above. This audio tool lets you upload files from your computer or from a cloud storage service such as Google Drive, Dropbox or just a URL for the file as input. You get to choose from a plethora of audio file formats and choose the quality as well.

However, as an added feature they let you choose the sample rate and the channel output of the audio file. This one also features the ability to add a fade in or a fade out effect to the audio file. You can also try and remove the voice from a song or a video to just get the instrumental audio. We found this to be more of a gimmick working somewhat inconsistently. This tool also allows you to add meta data to the audio file.


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