How to deal with Virus infected Pendrives.

InternetHow to deal with Virus infected Pendrives.

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Your pen drive starts malfunctioning?, Got some virus in your Pendrive?. Your pen drive might be caught up with Autorun or Shortcut virus or any other virus. If you can find your files in the pen drive follow the steps given below to Remove the virus from pen drive.

(or) Follow the given steps to remove the virus from your pen drive.
  1. Scan your Pen drive with your antivirus software, If it caught some virus Just delete it. and this will prevent going to the next steps.
  2. If the problem persists even after your Antivirus run and can’t find any virus, Just Do Backup of your files. 
  • Don’t copy the whole directory.
  • Just copy files which are very important.
  • Don’t copy Executable files or Zip files.
  • In case of Zip files to extract.
      3.  After copying all your files, Just do format your pen drive.
      4.  copy all your files again into your pen drive.

     You can recover your files through Winrar.

  •  Open WINRAR Application.
  •  Navigate to your Pendrive location or PC Folder location.
  •  Copy Files and Paste where you want.
  •  Format your Pendrive.

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