8 Free Mental Health and Online Therapy Apps 2022

Internet8 Free Mental Health and Online Therapy Apps 2022

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Feeling depressed or worried? relationship problems? looking for a Depression chat room or a certified therapist or psychologist help? This post will help you with best 8 Mental health and Therapy apps, which has many different features like chatting with Anonymous trained mental health professionals, Stress releasing chatbot, Depression chat rooms, Verified Therapists, Mental relief exercises and much more for you to forget your stress and have a happy life.

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Best Mental Health Apps and Online Therapy Apps

Mental health and Therapy Apps

Here is the list of most Free and affordable Online Therapy apps for your Mental Health and well-being. These apps are ranked based on the user experience, Security, User Ratings, and much more. These Online Therapy Apps supports both Android and iOS mobile phones and Tablets. You would have seen 2019 Depression apps, here are the latest 2022 Depression apps for you to get cured and start a happy life.

S.noTherapy AppLogoShort DescriptionAndroidiOS
1Talk LifeTalk Life LogoLonely, Stressed or Battling AnxietyInstallInstall
2WysaWysaStress, depression & anxiety therapy chatbotInstallInstall
3MoodpathMoodpath logoDepression & Anxiety TestInstallInstall
47 Cups7Cups logoAnxiety & Stress ChatInstallInstall
5BetterHelpBetterHelp logoOnline CounselingNAInstall
Friend Shoulder
Friend Shoulder logoAdvice and Vent Anonymous – chatInstallNA
7Online therapyOnline Therapy logoMental help. Support groups.InstallNA
8Talkspace Talkspace Online logoOnline TherapyNAInstall

1. Share emotions with real people – TalkLife

If you really want to share your emotions with someone who can hear, this is the best App you can try now. You can also give help to someone really in need. This app has changed the life of many, check Google play store reviews to see the number of happy people. Speak openly about your life struggles to people here in a very safe environment, but don’t reveal your personal details.


TalkLife Features:

  • You can make really good and caring friends.
  • No bots to chat with you all are real people
  • A very safe place to discuss.
  • Post Anonymous questions and your depressions and get cure
  • Filter and get what you need on the Posts by Family, Friends, Hopes, Bullying, Health, Work, Parenting, and Education.

Use free version with Ads or get the premium for less than $6.

Android AppiOS AppOverall Rating
TalkLife Android AppTalkLife iOS App4.4

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2. Depression Chat Bot – Wysa

In TalkLife you get real friends to talk and share your emotions, here in Wysa you speak to beautiful Penguin AI Chatbot called Wysa, which is an Anxiety helper and mood-boosting buddy to heal your depression, You don’t have to look for depression chat rooms when you have Wysa. Wysa will be there on your mobile whenever you feel blue.

Wysa - Depression Chat rooms

Wysa Features:

  • Keep track of your moods and happiness.
  • Try Wysa Mental and Health Assessment test to stay healthy.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy based techniques.
  • Premium users can also consult real Psychologists here.
  • 40 Conversational tools to help depression.
  • Sleep peacefully with the mindfulness meditation exercises.
Android AppiOS AppOverall Rating
Wysa Android AppWysa iOS App4.6

3. Depression & Anxiety Test – Moodpath

Moodpath will guide you for a well-being life. This Depression app can be your daily buddy in accessing your Mental health, if you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or any other mental war that you are facing often, give moodpath a try, which will help you by asking three questions per day to learn about you. The questions are asked to generate Insights to know about your emotional health and check on the feedback with the Psychologists or Mental health professionals. You can have Depression chat room sessions with these professionals.


Moodpath Features:

  • Moodpath Helps understand the reason for your depression or your negative feelings.
  • The huge Library collection of CBT Exercises to improve yourself.
  • This app helps you have better sleep every day.
  • Get regular mental health reports by taking assessments.
Android AppiOS AppOverall Rating
Moodpath Android AppMoodpath iOS App4.7

4. Anxiety & Stress Chat – 7 Cups

7 Cups is the best mental health and Therapy app, also the best free anonymous and confidential Depression chat room whenever you feel down. You can find more than 160,000 trained professionals, Licensed Therapists, and volunteers in 189 countries and supports 140 languages to help you with 1 on 1 discussion about your mental health and guide you from breaking all the negativity around you. You can also join group support chat rooms. Start doing simple tasks in 7 Cups to learn new skills and improve your mental health.

7 Cups

7 Cups Features:

  • 1 on 1 and group chat rooms to help you recover from your Anxiety & Stress.
  • 300 Free Exercises to improve yourself and learn new skills.
  • Many free short videos to forget your depression.
  • Consult Licensed Therapists.
Android AppiOS AppOverall Rating
7 Cups Android App7 Cups iOS App3.6

5. Online Counseling – Better help

BetterHelp is the iOS only mental Health App, The best Premium app you can try to talk to Therapist or schedule and discuss with your Therapist, Psychologist or other Mental health professionals. Best part with BetterHelp is, you can Message, Chat, Call, and even Video call the professionals whenever needed.

Upon request, you will be matched to the perfect Therapist available in seconds. BetterHelp has 9700 Licensed therapists and more than 1 Million people got help already. Weekly Subscription starts from $40.


Features of BetterHelp:

  • Dedicated Therapists.
  • Talk to Therapists through Chat, Message, Phone or Video call.
  • Encrypted and Totally anonymous Depression chat rooms.
iOS AppRating
BetterHelp iOS App4.7

6. Advices and Vent – Friend Shoulder

You can choose the category and start talking to someone to get relaxed, share all your worries, secrets, and sad stories to someone and feel better. This app is like a virtual friend to you, you can share all your day to day emotions here in the Friend Shoulder app. You can ask advice to other users, have private conversation with anonymous friends or therapists.

Friend Shoulder

Features of Friend Shoulder:

  • Depression Chat Rooms
  • Talk to people anonymous and private
  • Get new Friends, who are ready to hear your sad stories
Android AppOverall Rating
Friend Shoulder Android App4.2

7. Mental help & Support groups – Online therapy

Online Therapy by INVOLTA Inc, is one of the best Online Therapy app you can try today. Just like other apps you can consult Therapists for your anxiety, phobias, depression, sadness, stress, anger, apathy, worries and much more, but, this is a dedicated Mental Health and Therapy App for users and this app is only available on Google Play Store.

Android AppOverall Rating
Online Therapy Android App4.3

8. Online therapy – TalkSpace

You can give your preference to TalkSpace and they will assign a dedicated therapist to you. You can contact your Therapist 5 times a day, using texts, Audio and Video call. Pricing starts from $65/week. TalkSpace is only available for iPhone and iPad users. TalkSpace got featured in The Wall Street Journal and many other magazines. You can track all your progress in the app and chat with the professionals.

iOS AppOverall Rating
TalkSpace iOS App4.2

Who can use these Mental health and Depression Chat Room Apps?

Youngsters who need someone’s shoulder to breakout from a bad habit or depression or something bad happened in their life can try the Youth depression chat rooms. When you get suicidal thoughts, you can get advice from Psychologists, Mental health therapists, and much more mentioned on the above apps. People with negative thoughts can try Wysa chatbot and do some exercises to improve their lifestyle.

Are These Therapy Apps free?

Most of these Apps are free to chat with trainers, attending groups, Posting questions. When you want to consult a therapist, these apps will charge you some fee, which will be affordable and comparatively cheaper when you go visit a therapist offline.

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