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Instagram Introduced Reels recently as an answer to Tik Tok's great success in the short video platform, just after Instagram guides. Reels is a new way to shoot 15-second video adding stickers, music & effects and posting it as a part of your Instagram content. Your reels with reach users as a normal post in their feed but you will have a new tab called Reels similar to IGTV, Posts, Tagged posts, etc., I'm going to show you How to Download Reels video on iPhone, Android, and web browsers on your PC.

1 Best Way to Download Instagram Reels on iPhone, Android or PC

Though there are many ways to download Reels video on iPhone, Android and PC. We have one solution for this on all platforms, just follow these steps given below-

  1. Open the Reels video and click on the three dots at the bottom for options
  2. Now, click on copy link (this will copy the link to the reels video)
  3. Open any browser and go to instavideosave.com and paste the URL
  4. Click on the Download button to download the Reels video on Mp4.
download Instagram reels video

This will work for sure, but if you want to try different methods or Applications specific like Instagram reels downloader, read below-

How to Download Reels in iOS?

Downloading Reels is just like downloading Insta Stories, Photos and videos. You can follow the below simple steps and start downloading Instagram Reels on your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Open The App Store. Tap the Search bar and type in Insaver. Open Insaver from the search results and Tap on Add. If you are lazy to do that, you could click here.

  2. As soon as the app is installed, Open Instagram and tap on the Explore tab (the second one)
  3. If your country has Instagram Reels, you will find Reels at the top of all the posts. Explore the reels and find the one you would want to download.
  4. When that reality is playing, Tap on the three dots icon as you can see below.

    Instagram Reels option
  5. In the menu that appears, choose Copy Link.

    Copy Reels link
  6. Go to Insaver App. If you are using iOS14 beta like me, the link that you copied from the Instagram Reel would be automatically pasted from the clipboard. If you are using an earlier version, you could paste it manually in the URL section of the Insaver App's home page.

    Watch Instagram reels
  7. Insaver verifies the link you posted and shows the content of the link below. Please make sure you are pasting a real URL. As you can see, the Biriyani video Reel is shown similar to what I chose in the steps above in the Instagram App.
  8. Chose to Watch It. This will open the Reel in a fullscreen window and start playing it.
  9. Chose Options on the bottom right corner of the screen.

  10. Select Share.
  11. In the Share window that appears, choose the Save Video option. This will make sure to save the video to the iOS Photos App.

How to Download Reels in Android?

Its pretty much the same steps to download reels in Android. InSaver app has an android version as well. You could download it by searching it in the Play store or You can try Video Downloader for Instagram by clicking the link here, this tool is used to download Instagram Videos and Stories, now you can download Reels video using this App.

  1. Download Video Downloader for Instagram App.

  2. Open Instagram & Copy the link from the reel video you are trying to download.

    Copy Instagram Reels link
  3. Paste the link in the URL box of the Video Downloader for Instagram App in case if it doesn't do that automatically. This will make sure to verify the link and show you the content of the URL and you can easily save it to your Phone.

    Video Downloader for Instagram

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How to Download Instagram Reels on the Web?

There are so many online downloaders these days that help you download social media videos for free. A solution that I use the most of the time is https://www.w3toys.com/reels/

  1. Open this link. W3Toys is not just for Instagram Reels, you could download Facebook Videos, Stories, Highlights, and many more.

    Instagram Reels Downloader
  2. Paste the link.
  3. Click on Download. In the preview that appears, click on Download File.

  4. The File gets downloaded automatically as seen below.

  5. You could also Right-click on the preview of the Reel and choose Save Link as.


These are the ways you could actually download Instagram Reel Videos. The Insaver & Video Downloader for Instagram are the apps that I use. There are many alternatives as well. Insaver can be annoying with the ads but you could purchase the Premium for about 799 Indian Bucks.

The apps are making use of web technology mainly to download these files. So, you can't expect high-quality downloads especially they are working with what's posted by Instagram. But these are the best possible options.

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Facebook, the parent company of the Company is known for copying features from other platforms that have good reach among people in the world. Instagram Story was stolen from SnapChat and now we have Reels from Tik Tok. Hope this post showed you How to Download Reels video on iPhone, Android, and web browsers on your PC. If you still find any issues, please let me know in the comment section.


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