Recover deleted files from pen drive using CMD

InternetRecover deleted files from pen drive using CMD

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Best way to Recover Deleted files in Pen Drive

              Yesterday I made a file transfer from my pendrive to my Computer but due to some crash I lost all my files, It Is the Major problem what many people are getting, Normally When a file is deleted by accident or manual, All those files won’t get erased immediately, All deleted files will be renamed as “Available Space”.

Here I had given two ways to recover your Files, Recovering your files using CMD and through Recovery softwares.

Recover deleted files in USB using cmd:

Follow the steps given Below in a command Prompt window to recover all your Deleted files in a Pen Drive.

  • Go to Run by pressing Win key+R
  • Type CMD to Enter command prompt
  • In the console window, type ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D G:*.* 
  • Let G be the drive to recover.  

How to recover deleted files from pen drive, Ooops, I just lost all my Important Files, How to recover all my files back to my Pendrive? Recover Files from Pendrive using Third party softwares:

                     To recover Files from pendrive, there are many Third party tools,

1. Recuva:

Recuva is one of the best software to recover the deleded files in Pen Drive. Using Recuva You can undelete files on your computer, Recovery from damaged or formatted disks, Recover deleted mails, Recover deleted iPod Music, Restore Unsaved Microsoft word or Excel documents, It has a quick start, Deep scan and Portable version too.

Picture Recovery
Recuva is Awesome Free tool to Recover Files.
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                     If you got stuck in between the recovery Process, Just say it in comments, we’ll guide you the Best.


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