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You can download YouTube videos offline, but that has more restrictions like you can’t watch them out of the YouTube app, you can’t watch those videos on TV, here you need the help of a YouTube Video Downloader.

Steps to Download a YouTube Video

Time needed: 5 minutes

Steps to Download a YouTube Video using a Downloader

  1. Right-click and copy the YouTube Video URL

    Open the Youtube you want to download in your browser, right-click on the video. Copy YouTube URL

  2. Go to and paste the URL

    Open (or follow the other YouTube downloaders below) in a new tab in your browser or click the above link and paste the YouTube URL you copied and click the Start button. Paste YouTube URL

  3. Download the Video from the List

    Now you’ll see a list of video formats and Download buttons as shown below, 720p HD Video, 360p, 240p, 144p, and the file size, click download to get the youTube video. Download Video

  4. Download youTube mp3

    You can also convert YouTube videos to Mp3 or Audio files next to the Video tab, click on the format you want, and click download. Add image youtube to mp3

YouTube Video Downloader List

Ever watched a video on YouTube and immediately after watching it, you wished you could download it? Most of us would have felt likewise asking “How to Download YouTube video“! I’ve given 8 ways to Download YouTube videos on Mobile and PC for free, this works perfectly. You can also read my previous post on Downloading Facebook Videos.

A. Using Websites to Download YouTube Videos

Below is the list of websites using the YouTube video URL you can download videos herein 

1. is one of the best websites to download or convert YouTube videos in any format on your PC or Mobile.

  • Open YouTube and Go to the video you want to download
  • Right-click on the video and copy the URL
  • Paste the YouTube video URL on
  • and click on the downloader button.
  • Choose the size and resolution of the video.

2. VDYouTube

Find the video that you want to download by using the search bar. Now click on the URL bar and place the cursor right before the word “youtube” in “”. Right before it, now type ‘vd’ and hit the ‘Enter’ button. You will be directed to the website address that you entered. A page will now appear that has the ‘Download’ button. Clicking on this button you will get various options that allow you to choose which quality of video you want to download. By clicking on your choice, the respective video in the link will get downloaded.

vdyoutube - Youtube download

3. 4K Download

As the name says, this tool can be used to download all the YouTube 4K videos in seconds. Just download the tool, use the YouTube URL and click download and the video is ready for you. You can also use the 4K video downloader to download HD videos on Vimeo and other video streaming sites.

4K YouTube video downloader
4K YouTube video downloader

4K video Downloader also has features like Downloading subtitles in one click, Downloading YouTube subscriptions, Download full playlists and channels on YouTube, Download 3D video, and Smart Mode Feature.


Similar to the previous methods, go to the video that you want to download and select the URL from the bar present on the top of the screen. Now type the URL on the URL bar and paste the URL in the bar present above. Hit the ‘Enter’ button to get directed to that website. On this page, click the ‘Free Download’ button so that you can easily download the video with a single click. The site gives you the different options for video quality out of which you can choose one as per your requirements.

Download youtube videos using keepdownloading



You can do the same way as shown above with “conv” instead of “vd“, doing this will open up the video in, you can choose the format you want to download and click download, Your YouTube will start getting downloaded. You can also check the below-shown GIF to download YouTube videos using conv. In the same way, you can type ss in front of youtube to make and click enter to download YouTube Video.

6. Video Downloader by SmallSeoTools

The free video downloader by small SEO tools is a reliable and simple tool that only works with a solid connection and a reputed browser. You have to open this tool on your desktop or your smart device and enter the URL of the video that you have copied from the source. You can save videos from not only YouTube and other important sites but also social media platforms. This is one of the fastest and simplest video downloader tools you can find online. You don’t have to register or pay anything to download videos!

small SEO tools video download

B. Using Mobile Apps to Download Video

The videos that we watch on YouTube can be saved offline through a third-party involvement but downloading any videos, goes against YouTube’s terms. Their terms state that one cannot download a video except if there is any button for download or link. So if you desire to download content, you would require third-party involvement. However, there is an app that is built by Google itself and if you download videos through that app it will be legal. Here is the list of apps that would help you in downloading videos from YouTube:

I’ve given some Apps which are out of the Play store, but they work like a charm in Downloading videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms, so you have to install them from a third-party source. You can also convert YouTube videos to mp3 using these Apps.

1. Tubemate


Tubemate is the best Android App to download YouTube Videos, Tubemate was removed from the Google play store long back, but still, you can download Tubemate from Softonic. Not only videos but you can also download important files from different sites.

Download Tubemate

2. Keepvid


Keepvid is one of the best video conversion websites and they also provide Android Apps to download YouTube videos and has also been around for a long time. You can download videos from 27 other content streaming sites apart from YouTube. There is a built-in video and audio player as well. Without the use of any external plugin, you can download Youtube videos as music clips. with higher resolution for free. Just download the app and start using it. You can also download videos from Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, and more.

Download Keepvid

Just by using this App-

  • Download HD YouTube Videos straight to your Android mobile easily.
  • You can convert YouTube to Mp3
  • Batch Download YouTUbe videos

3. YouTube Go

YouTube go

YouTube Go is an application that is created by Google and you can legally save or download your videos from your favorite YouTuber. You won’t be facing any kind of problem as it is a legal way of downloading videos from YouTube.


Also Try for pinterest video download in MP4 Quality

4. VidMate – HD video downloader

This is again one of the most popular apps out there, for reliable download of Youtube videos. You can search for the videos based on the categories via the search bar. This app also enables you to adjust the download rate of the video, and the location in which it will be downloaded. There is also a built-in video and music player.


VidMate – HD video downloader app can easily download the videos that you like from YouTube. This app is really fast and you can download videos from different channels.

 Download for Android

5. Video Tube – Play Tube – HD Video player

Video Tube – Play Tube – HD Video player is an amazing application that is built for downloading any kind of content from YouTube, this can be used to save both video and music. This app supports all kinds of formats.

Android | iOS

6. Video downloader master

Video downloader master comes among the best applications which are designed for downloading videos from YouTube. This tool will fulfill your desire of watching your favorite content after you download them. This is a 4K video Downloader App.


7. Play Tube & Video Tube

Play Tube & Video Tube is an application that solved the problem of downloading videos from YouTube. It saves the videos that you wish to download in your mobile’s gallery.


8. Vi‏‏‎de‏‏‎o D‏‏‎o‏‏‎w‏‏‎n‏‎‏‏‎loa‏‎‏‎der Pro

With this application, you won’t require Internet when you watch the video that your favorite YouTuber uploaded or the music video that you like the most. When you press the download button, the app will then give you the option of choosing a format very quickly.

Android elat

9. VidMate – HD video downloader

This is again one of the most popular apps out there, for reliable download of Youtube videos. You can search for the videos based on the categories via the search bar. This app also enables you to adjust the download rate of the video, and the location in which it will be downloaded. There is also a built-in video and music player.

Download for iOS

10. Video Tube – Play Tube – HD Video player

Video Tube – Play Tube – HD Video player is an amazing application that is built for downloading any kind of content from YouTube. This app supports all kinds of formats. The interface is clean and enables the easy search of videos, channels, and playlists. For each video, general information is also provided.

Download Android or iOS

11. Videoder

This application is very powerful and can download videos from YouTube, Facebook, and more. The interface of this application is smooth and so are the navigation features. The application also enables to download of the video directly without the need to switch between the different applications. You can click on the share button alongside your favorite video, and share it with the Videoder app.

For iPhone 

12. Snaptube

It is one of the most trustworthy downloaders for Android. The interface is extremely user – friendly and the videos are arranged according to their sites, categories, and tags. One can also do a Youtube search from the bar in the application. You can also choose the quality of the video before downloading it.

13. InsTube

This reliable video downloader can also download videos from many popular sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. It is easy to use this app, in the sense that, you can directly share the Youtube video from the app to Instube for downloading. You can also create private spaces within the app to hide some of the videos.

14. YT3 Downloader

This simple app can enable you to download videos in both MP3 and MP4 formats, and the interface is very easy to use. There is also a preview button that can enable you to view the clip before you download the same.

15. NewPipe

The application is open-source, which means one can customize it according to their needs. This application does not use the Application interface of YouTube or the Google Play services like many others. The motive of this application is to provide a quality Youtube experience without the advertisements. There are different file formats and speeds that you can choose while downloading the videos.

So, these were the best apps to download videos from YouTube. Now store your favorite videos to watch on the go with these apps today!

C. Using Browser Extensions

You can also make use of Browser extensions which serve as Downloading tools on all types of platforms.

These are the best 8 to download any YouTube video on the Internet, If you have any better way please feel free to show that in comments below.

D. Using VLC Player

Initially to start with, locate the video that you want to download from YouTube. For assistance, use the Search text box by using the appropriate keywords to find the video you want to download.

  • Go to the URL bar in your mobile or Desktop browser and select the entire URL to copy it to the clipboard.
  • Now open the VLC app and open a new network stream. Make sure you paste the URL into the appropriate field.
  • After this, once you click the ‘Play’ or ‘Open’ button, the video will open up in VLC player. Now click on the ‘Tools’ menu and click on the Codec information to know further about it.
  • Search for the ‘Location’ field at the bottom of the screen and copy the location value. Now adjacently open a new tab in the browser and paste the URL address that you copied.
  • In this tab, now right-click on the video and hit the ‘Save As’ option. Give a new name for the video that you have saved and click the ‘Save’ button.

YouTube Video Download FAQs

Can you download a video from YouTube?

Yes, you can with the help of YouTube video downloader tools, a simple trick is to add ss in front of

How do I convert YouTube videos to mp4?

Just copy the video URL, and paste it in and you’ll see Mp4 download varieties click the best quality you want.

Is it illegal to download YouTube videos?

No, it is actually not legal to download a YouTube video, it is serious piracy, you can go for YouTube Red subscription instead or go for YouTube offline download.

Where can I download movies for free?

You can’t download YouTUbe movies, instead, you can try HD movie download websites.

Disclaimer: In general, downloading YouTube videos is not permitted and it is up to you to decide whether you wish to download and enjoy the videos or you switch ON your data connection and do it legally!

Either way, happy You-Tubing!


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