How to Download Songs in Spotify for Free [2022]

InternetHow to Download Songs in Spotify for Free

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Spotify is one of the most commonly used streaming services for music, in fierce competition with Apple Music and YouTube. The service is available across all platforms, including iOS, Android, and internet browsers, and was recently introduced in India. While it is user-friendly and offers a good collection of music from artists across the globe, most of the streaming occurs online. To listen to songs without access to cellular data or a wireless internet connection, you would need to download them. Here are a few steps that tell you how to download songs on Spotify.

Download Spotify songs

How to Download Songs on Spotify on Mobile [2022]

Spotify requires you to have a Premium paid subscription to download and save songs offline. If you are an avid listener of music, a Premium Spotify account is not a wrong decision. You can also check our previous post to get free Premium Spotify APK. Spotify also does not allow you to download songs over cellular data, so you need to be connected to a wireless internet connection to download songs from Spotify.

  1. Open the Spotify App
    This is pretty much self-explanatory. Tapping the Spotify icon will open up the home page if you have already logged in previously. If you have not, log in to Spotify with your email and password to proceed further.
  2. Go to your Library
    In most versions, the library option is available in the bottom-right corner of your app.
  3. Select What You Need to Download
    Playlists – you can download entire playlists by selecting Playlists. In iOS, the option is found at the top of the app. In Android, it is found in the middle of the screen.
    Albums – You can select individual albums to download if you open the Albums page.
    Songs – You can download all the songs you have added to your favorites/library, or individual songs by selecting them.

    Download Spotify songs
  4. Toggle the ‘Download Switch’
    There will be a grey Download Switch located at the top right corner of the app. Switch this on (it will turn green), and the songs will begin downloading. When the download has finished, the songs you have chosen will have an arrow facing downwards beside it.

Now you know how to download songs on Spotify on the mobile app. If you do not have access to the internet, you can go to the Library on Spotify and play the songs you had downloaded before.

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How to Download Songs on Spotify on Desktop

Just like on a mobile device, you need a premium account if you are figuring out how to download songs on Spotify. You will also need a WiFi connection. But in this case, if you access the internet through a personal hotspot from your mobile device, you can technically still use cellular data.

  1. Open Spotify
    The Spotify app is available in a desktop version. In Windows 10, you can download this through the Microsoft app store. Since it is a large app, it is advisable to download it with a WiFi connection. You can also download it as a software off of the internet.

    Open the Spotify app by double-clicking the icon. The Spotify homepage will open up if you had logged in previously. If you have not logged in yet, log in with your username/email and password to access your library.
  2. Select Playlists
    You will find the Playlists option towards the left of the app screen. Select the particular playlist that you want to download. In the case of a mobile device, you have the option to download specific albums or songs to your device. But for your desktop Spotify app, you can only download playlists and not records.
  3. Toggle the Download Button
    The download button looks exactly like the one on the phone version of Spotify. It is located in the center of the Spotify window. Once switched on, it will turn green from grey. This means the songs have begun to download on to your computer’s memory.

    Once the songs are done downloading, the arrow, just like the one in the mobile version, will appear next to the title of the song.

Download or Stream Spotify songs?

You now know how to download songs on Spotify. Downloading songs to your device rather than relying on the streaming service has several benefits:

1.   You can listen to it whenever you want, even when you do not have access to an internet connection.

2.   If you own devices like an iPod touch or an Amazon Fire tablet, which does not have the option of inserting a sim card, you are more or less restricted to using a wireless internet connection. This means streaming service apps like Spotify cannot be used outside the vicinity of a WiFi connection. If you know how to download songs on Spotify, you can listen to music on such devices offline wherever you are.

3.   If your cellular data or wireless connection is slow, the songs you are looking to may buffer a lot. The constant stopping and restarting of content, especially if you are listening to music, disrupts the flow of your listening experience. Downloading music offline prevents any disturbance in your music sessions. This is one of the main reasons people want to figure out how to download songs on Spotify.

4.   If you are traveling and frequently find yourself in airplanes or places where a wireless connection or cellular data connectivity are next to nil, knowing how to download songs on Spotify can help you out a lot. International travel often makes your mobile data connection unusable, so if you have your playlist and song collection downloaded to your device, you can continue to use your Spotify library anywhere you like.

5.   If you download to make the tracks that you listen to very often on a daily basis available offline, you can set them apart from the songs you are getting used to, or listen to just once in a while.

Back in the day when we used walkmans and iPods, music was always offline, and we did not have to rely on online streaming services at all. But now, with the advent of such apps with an unbelievably large collection of tracks, knowing how to make tracks offline is an advantage. Now that you know how to download songs on Spotify, share this article so that your friends and family can make the best out of this feature.

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