How to Delete or Edit a Comment on Instagram

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Sometimes you might end up commenting on a very much embarrassing thing on Instagram posts, also sometimes typos will make your comments awkward and might be in a situation to quickly edit or delete that comment, You could have seen old methods from Lifehacker and many other websites, This post will help you delete the comments on Instagram posted on your post or your comment on some others post in three quick steps.

How to Delete a Comment on Instagram Mobile

You can follow these steps given below to delete Instagram comments on Android or iPhone permanently.

  1. Open Instagram and go to the comment you want to delete and long-press the comment. iPhone users can swipe left.

    long press comment
  2. Click on the delete button at the top right.

    Click delete button
  3. Your comment is deleted now, and it won’t be visible to anyone. If you did this by mistake, quickly press on the Undo button to get the comment back, else the comment will be deleted permanently.

    instagram comment deleted

How to Delete a Comment on Instagram PC or MAC

If you are a PC Instagram user, you can follow these steps to delete the comments on Instagram.

  1. Go to the Instagram comment and click on the three dots

    Select the comment
  2. You’ll see a pop-up, click delete option to delete the comment.

    Delete Instagram Comment on PC

Can I edit a Comment on Instagram?

In the previous versions, you can click on the three dots and edit the comments that you made, but the current version of Instagram doesn’t support editing a comment on both Mobile and PC. You could have seen that long pressing on mobile or clicking on the three dots on PC shows no edit option. One thing you can do is, delete the comment and retype with a new comment, drawbacks here will be the timestamp change and losing the hearts.

How can I delete Someone else’s Instagram Comment?

Sometimes you want to delete a comment which is posted on someone else’s account and you tried deleting and you found no option. To delete a comment made by some else you have three options.

  1. Contact the person who commented, go to their profile and DM (Direct message) him on twitter, or if he is someone you know closely, then call and ask him. If you have no such ways, follow step 2.
  2. DM (Direct Message) the account owner, Explain to him the reason to delete the comment, if it is valid, using the above method they can delete any Instagram comment on their post.
  3. Still, you got no solution, Long press or select the three dots and choose report comment and Notify Instagram team about the issue and they’ll take care.

Instagram is about popularity and we all know it. We pull stunts to be in the limelight and so do other people. And so, when you say something to someone or vice versa occurs, you need to be more cautious because Instagram is all about your image.

So, what if you commented something wrong or someone else said something to you. You can always undo what you did. Although it would be nice if you pay a little more heed to actions before taking them so that you don’t have to act afterward to make things better.

How to Delete comment on Instagram

All you need to do is click on the comment and then swipe left on it. You will see a trash can like symbol. Click on it and you are done with deleting your comment.

Steps to Delete A Comment On Instagram

Deleting a comment on Instagram is straight – forward. Note that the app does not provide an option to edit the comment once it is posted. So, if you have put up a wrong comment, it is better to delete it and publish the comment again.

You can delete your own comment or comment on others on your post. This is particularly useful when you have a lot of spam comments coming to your pictures.

To delete someone else’s comment on your photo or your comment on someone else’s photo.

  1. Click on the image which contains the comment and goes to the comments section.
  2. Long tap on the comment that is to be deleted until you see a blue top bar appear with the ‘bin’ symbol on it.
Delete comment on Instagram
  • Click on the ‘bin’ symbol to delete the comment. You will get a notification telling you that the comment has been deleted.

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Controlling Comments on Instagram

Reporting and getting a user banned takes time. And blocking someone doesn’t stop them from making another account to harass you. And so you can control the settings of who can or cannot comment on your post. This can help you deal with the problem temporarily until Instagram takes any action.

But at the same time restricting your audience might result in a decrease in user engagement, which is a bad thing if you have a business profile. Comment control allows you to either restrict who comments on your post or block the visibility of certain comments. Blocking through comment control allows the user to see your post and comment, but you won’t see the comment and neither will anyone else.

  1. For this, you need to click on the Settings from your profile.
  2. Under Interactions, click on ‘Comments’.
  3. In this page, you will see the options such as
  4. Allow comments from
  5. Block comments from
  6. Hide offensive comments
  7. Enable keyword filters
Comment setting on Instagram

Choose any of these to control people’s response on your post.

And this is how you can deal with the problems that you can’t deal with by simply deleting a comment.

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