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InternetDelete Google Account Permanently

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You want to delete your Google account and leave the Internet? I can help you with that.  You can’t delete your account without a password, keep the Google account credentials ready. Or you can check my previous post If you want to delete Google history.

Deleting Google Account and Account History

This will work in all browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and also in Android and iPhones.

Google makes it surprisingly easy for you to delete your account. Follow the instructions given in the below screenshots to successfully delete your account.

  1. Click on “My Account“.

    Click on the Google plus logo at the top right corner of the Google page or Gmail page. And click on “My Account”.

    Click My Account

  2. Under Account preference, click on Delete your account or services.

    Delete Google Services or Google Account

  3. Delete Google services or the entire Google account

    You have two options now, Deleting Google services or the entire Google account.

    Google Product or Services

    a. Delete Products

    A Google Account offers many services for the users, Click on Delete products if you want to delete Google service s like YouTube, Gmail or any other Google service.

    Google Services

    b. Delete Google Account and data,

    Click on Delete Google Account and data to delete your entire Google account.

    Delete Google Account final stage

Also, make sure you download all your data before permanently deleting your account because you never know what you might need from there. However, we strongly suggest staying along Google, simply because of the amount of seamless integration, there is between all the different services of theirs.

Delete Google Account

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