How to Get more Friends on Facebook? step by step explainations

InternetHow to Get more Friends on Facebook? step by step explainations

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Facebook is the number 1 Social network and 2nd largest traffic website next to Google #1. Facebook Allows a limit of 5000 friends to be added to every single account. Getting new friends is difficult, but using this trick you could get many new Facebook friends fast, new strange friends from different countries in 3 days, Just have a try and you could reach 5000 Facebook friends in one day.

How does this trick work? Is this true?

Definitely, this trick will work, here is a short description about our trick to get more Facebook friend requests, first you have to pick the location, gender of the friends you want and then generate a mailing list of 5000 mail ids. And then sending an invite to all those 5000 friends and sure they’ll add you as they are already the members who want strange friends and so you could get more Facebook friend requests and then add them.

Is this Dangerous?

                 Not much, Because you could get a chance of getting friend requests from rubbish guys, just leave them and add only your perfect match and enjoy the social network and you’ll get the chance of getting 5000 new Facebook friends.  

How to get more friends on Facebook, The trick is here!

Follow the Steps given Below to get more Friends on Facebook. 
Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Select the location and gender of your friends to be added on Facebook.

Step 3: Login Using Facebook.

Step 4: Click Generate Button, to get a mailing list
How to Get more Friends on Facebook?
Step 5: Copy the Mailing list by right-clicking and click copy
How to Get more Friends on Facebook?
Step 6: Click Invite Option, Paste the mailing id. And add your Message below and click Invite.
How to Get more Friends on Facebook?
Step 7: Wait for the rushing friend requests. 

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