Free Online Therapy Websites to Chat with Therapists Online [2022]

InternetFree Online Therapy Websites to Chat with Therapists Online

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You might be depressed on your self-quarantine at this time, or handling a relationship problem or feeling blue, worried, or anxious about personal issues. Sometimes you might need physical therapy but you can’t step out of your home. Here is the list of various online Therapy programs for free and some at affordable costs.

Why Online Therapy?

Getting therapy for couples, Speech, Physical, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) or Occupational is very common nowadays, but visiting the Therapist in person is a problem for many reasons, To help you in this situation here are the best free Online Therapy websites. We rank them based on the Type of Therapy they provide online, user experience, and affordability.

Free Online Therapy Websites

I’ve also written a post on mobile apps to use to keep your depression away by using Mental Health and Online Therapy Apps, Also you can find a list of reliable health care websites.

Top Online Therapy Chat Websites and Guides 2022

Below are the list of Online Therapy Website and Therapy Guides, You can use these websites to resolve your issue on Speech, Physical, CBT, Occupational or Couple issues just through the websites on your Mobile phone or PC. You can consult the doctors here using Video Calling Apps. These websites also gives their dedicated Mobile apps to take Monitor your routine to give you feedback.

Online Couple Therapy
1Couple Therapy Inc
2Growing Self
3e-Therapy Cafe
4Our relationship
5Talk Space
Online Speech Therapy
7Great Speech
8Presence Learning
9Eluma Therapy
10Global Tele Therapy
11Aphasia online Therapy
12The Hello Foundation
Online Physical Therapy
14Eluma Therapy
15Virtual Physical Therapists
16Atpit online Physical Therapy
Cognitive behavioral Therapy Online
17Online CBT Therapy
20Ai Therapy
21Positive Psychology
22Nami CBT Therapy
Occupational Therapy
23Guide Toon Lines Schools
25Presence Learning
26US News
28Online College
29Global Tele Therapy

How to use online Therapy ?

  1. Sign up and Setup Profile
    Visit any Therapy website mentioned above and use your email id or phone number and Sign up the website and verify your identity. You can also go to your profile section to add your Therapy histories and more about you.
  2. Request an Appointment and Schedule
    After setting up the profile, You can go to the specific therapy department and choose the Therapist or Psychologist or the Doctor related to your Therapy you want to consult with. Check Doctor’s availability and pick a time and book the slot and do the payment.
  3. Begin your Online Therapy
    You can visit the site back on the scheduled day to see a link for video conferencing, use that to speak to the doctor you picked while booking. Once you complete the Online Therapy, notes will be stored on your profile for future use.
  4. Finish the session and re-schedule for the next session.
    After completing a session, you can also book the next session just like following the above steps.

Is Online Therapy Effective?

Yes, Online therapy can be as effective as you go online, except the physical therapy, as you might get the massage and other physical help from your Therapist. But due to the online video calling Face to face features these day it’ll be just like being next to your doctor.

Is It Secure and Confidential?

Online can’t be 100% assured on your security, there are many chances for your data to get hacked, just like how people hack a Facebook account, there are chances for hackers to steal your personal data from the therapy website you use online. One better way to stay safe is to use any best VPN on your PC or Mobile.

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