How to connect Internet in Government Laptop computers

InternetHow to connect Internet in Government Laptop computers

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Use wifi in Government Laptops

Connecting Internet to Government Laptops is not much worried about, Government of Tamil Nadu gives Laptops (Amma Laptop – Lol! It’s what they call!) to the student to encourage them in their academics, but it has no WI-FI or Bluetooth support and How can we connect internet to it?

1. Wi-Fi Adapters:

   You can buy wi-fi adapters to connect with wireless connections. Even you can Access Internet from Routers, Mobile Hotspots.

Buy Here: TP-LINK 725N USB Adapter from Flipkart!

2. LAN Cables:

    Through broadband connection you can connect internet to your laptop. But it’s not easy in case of portability. You have to plug it always to have Internet connection.

3. Dongles:

Use Dongles to connect to the internet, Dongles are the little big Pen drive Sized device Used to connect with your Laptop or PC to get Wireless broadband. This is also Much affordable and easy to carry with your Government Laptop.
  There are dongles Ranging from 1000 Rs.

Buy Here : 
Huawei 3G Data Card with Soft Wi-Fi from Flipkart!
 If you Found any Inconvenience in connecting to the Internet, Just let us know in the comments.


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