5 Hacks to Fix Streaming Errors on Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+

Internet5 Hacks to Fix Streaming Errors on Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+

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The availability of many and varied online streaming services has steadily swept out traditional means of accessing content such as cable connections and packages. It is now easier to access thrilling content from anywhere and at a reduced cost. If you have a stable internet connection and an access device, then you are good to go.

Hacks to fix streaming errors

That said, some first-hand experience in online streaming can make you want to revert to the old TV technology. You get to know the flip sides of streaming when you experience some annoying videos that do not open or seem to take forever.

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Fortunately, there is a way around most of the challenges that you may be encounter during your online streaming. This article discusses some of the common online streaming problems as well as some proven hacks that will guarantee a more enjoyable streaming service.

3 Common problems with online streaming

Below are some of the common problems you might face on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO, and many others. find the reason for the streaming problem.

Slow buffering

This is when a video or audio file takes too long to load before starting to play. A slow buffering on your device is an indication that the internet is not able to keep up with the playback.

It is an annoying experience especially when you are catching up on your favorite shows or sporting events.

Solution! Check your Internet Speed

Limited access due to geo-restrictions

This happens when you want to access certain content but then, you get a notification message telling you that the content in question is currently not available to subscribers in your area.

This normally happens because the content publishers are able to see your geographical location and see if the content in question is blacklisted or whitelisted this; in compliance with the set regulations, mostly by your government.

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‘Error occurred’ or ‘please try again later’

The sudden appearance of this message during an online streaming service might make you feel that this whole technology is overrated. This error message mostly appears when the videos on a website are not loading.

Now that you know the common online streaming problems and why they occur, let’s look at hacks that will help you overcome them.

Solution! Fix – Disney Plus Error codes 83, 39, 73, 41

5 Tips for a more enjoyable streaming service

1. Update your browser

Sometimes the only thing between you and smooth online streaming is an outdated browser. Browser updates normally fix the software bugs that may be interrupting your user experience. Consider setting up your device to automatically download and install updates whenever they are available.

This option allows them to run on the background with minimum or no interruptions.

2. Subscribe to a VPN service

To by-pass geo-restrictions, you can use a VPNs like ExpressVPN to connect to different servers. This will enable you to make virtual relocations whenever you want to access content that may be restricted from your geographical area due to legal requirements, price discrimination, or any other reasons. Or you can try our list of Best Free VPNs.

A VPN service allows you to anonymously connect to different servers in different countries. You can, therefore, switch servers at will depending on the requirements of the content that you want to access.

3. Clear your device’s cache

Your device’s browser stores thousands of small files whenever you are visiting different web pages. Usually, many devices clear these files when we exit a browser. Unfortunately, shutting down the device before the process is complete forces the device to save the temporary files.

Once stored, these files tend to slow down your browser. You can resolve this by clearing your browser’s recent history; this deletes all the temporary files.

Steps to Clear Android Cache, iPhone Cache

4. Check your adobe flash player

This is a solution, especially to most YouTube streaming problems. The solution lies in either installing adobe flash player (if you do not have it), or reinstalling it if you already have it in place but still seeing the error message.

Sometimes, the changes might not take effect until you restart your device. Consider restarting your computer or internet device after every software installation or update.

5. Check your extensions

As much as they help give you a more customized user interface, browser extensions can sometimes be the reason for a poor online streaming experience. Some browser extensions block videos or prevent them from loading.

While you may still need them for other uses, consider disabling these extensions whenever you are streaming videos.

Wrapping it up

It is the dream of every online video streaming lover to have a session that is uninterrupted by the error occurred, try again, video not available and such messages. To watch or stream your favorite videos seamlessly from anywhere in the world, you need more than just an internet connection and access device. 

In addition to the 5 helpful tips discussed above, you also need to ensure that you have a stable and reliable internet connection. Wi-Fi or cell signal connections that keep on fluctuating can cause prolonged buffering or a connection loss; something you do not want to experience. Not when it is ShowTime!

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