How to Delete Photos from Facebook?

InternetHow to Delete Photos from Facebook?

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We often come across questions like how to add or delete FB photos. If you are searching for a way to delete the Facebook photos, fret not, because I will guide you through a step by step process to do so. You can follow my previous post if you want to delete the whole Facebook account.

Ways to Delete Facebook Photos

The intuitive Facebook interface makes sure that you do not need help with Facebook on a daily basis. Facebook also hosts its own help and support section that consist of FAQs that help you deal with a crisis. While using Facebook, you might come to a point where you need to delete a photo which you uploaded by mistake. Under such circumstances, you can use the methods given below to remove these photos from Facebook.

Method 1 – Delete A Single Photo in FB

This method is helpful in removing a single photo from Facebook which you uploaded by mistake. Follow these steps to remove the picture.

  1. Click on the picture on your Facebook application or via mobile, laptop, or desktop browser after logging in via your account. (Here, we assume that you want to delete a picture that was uploaded from your account.)
  2. Now select the Options menu bar located right below or beside the picture on your screen.

Delete single photo in Facebook

  1. On selecting the options menu, you can edit or remove the image. You do not need to remove the image in case you wish to edit the caption of the image or tag a few people on it. You can directly do that by choosing the Edit option from the options menu.

This method works only for images that you uploaded. In case someone else tags you in an image from their account, you can remove the tag, but not the image itself.

You also get the option to remove just the picture and keep the caption as it is from the Options menu located below or beside the image.

Method 2 – Delete an Entire Album in FB

In case you wish to delete multiple images that form a singular album, you can directly delete the album itself. This saves time since you do not need to delete each image separately. To delete an album, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to Facebook and open your You can either do this by searching for your profile in the search bar on Facebook or you can directly click on your profile icon in the navigation menu.
  2. Once you open the profile, select
  3. You can see various albums in Facebook photos. Open the album that you wish to delete here.
  4. Now, you can see two options on the top of the webpage. You can either edit the album to add more images, tag people, tag places or edit the captions using the Edit Album You will also see a small icon shaped like a trash can on the top of the page. Click this icon to delete the entire album in a single go.

Delete Album in Facebook

Once you have deleted the entire album, you will not be able to access or see it on Facebook anymore, it is easy to get them back if you have a backup of your FB photos, else you have to retrieve them using some steps.

Learning these nifty tips on Facebook can help you save a lot of time. Make sure that you have the backup for the Facebook photos that you wish to delete in case they are important. If you wish to delete your photo uploaded by someone else, you need to ask them to take it down.

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