How to Edit A PDF File? (In 5 different ways)

InternetHow to Edit A PDF File? (In 5 different ways)

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Abbreviated for portable document files, Adobe’s PDF files are the most commonly used file extension type these days. Unlike most of the other formats, especially Microsoft Word’s .doc or .docx formats, PDF is primarily developed for viewing and not for editing per se. Since PDF documents do not change the formatting, they are the most preferred file type. This exact nature of this, make it easily shareable and readable across all kinds of devices.

Benefits of PDF

Pdf (Portable document format) is one of the most used document formats. The best part about pdf is you can search the entire document, copy some useful data, add or delete pages, edit pdfs and even combine them. Whether you sending an invoice, making some important memo or any other stuff pdf got you covered. It maintains the quality and clarity of your work in a very short size also if it contains some secret data you can even protect PDFs by a password.

But normal pdf reader can’t do all this stuff. You need to download much other software to handle pdfs. And if you also struggling to edit pdf then don’t worry in this article I am gonna talk about some easy ways by which you can manage your pdf.

Bonus: Convert PDF to word and Word to PDF 

How to Edit a PDF File?

PDF files are best when you do not want any formatting change on them, however, along with its pros comes some flipside as well. PDF files are difficult to format without having either Acrobat reader or 3rd part PDF editor software installed on your device or the websites that I’m going to list you that can perfectly do all the formatting to the PDF file you upload.

Steps to Edit PDF

In this particular write-up, you will read in detail on how to use Acrobat Reader or any other software to edit PDF documents. Here we go!

1. How to Edit a pdf Online

Instead of finding software for pdf editing that perform several tasks for you like editing, merging, splitting files, extracting pages, convert into other formats, compressing the pdf file, making it secure and other I hit the web, online pdf editors are my favorite coz they can do all your tasks in your browser without even installing any extension, they are lightweight and super fast.

Time needed: 5 minutes

Using SejdaPDF to edit PDF online

  1. Open Sejda Pdf

    Visit Sejda official website here and select the tool you want to use. Here I am using pdf-editor but you can select anything you want.

    sejda pdf editor

  2. Upload the file you want to edit.

    After selecting the tool to upload the file you want to edit. You can also select your files to form a cloud including Dropbox, google drive, one drive and even better you can upload a file from a link.

    Choose PDF source

  3. Make all your changes

    Uploading the file will take you to the editor here you can add some text, add embed pdf links, editable forms, images, sign pdf and more.

    Editing PDF

  4. Click apply change

    Now when you are done with editing your files click apply changes and it will start processing your file.

    Apply changes to PDF

  5. Download your file

    Next you can either download the file or you can continue edit your file with the same tools like merge, split crop, and more by clicking the three dots in the right corner of the download section. The only con I have seen ever using web editors was sometimes when editing a very very large file it could eat all your PC’s ram and can hang your browser (the pdf I was editing was around 180 pages or something with a lot of images). But for smaller pdfs this is an ideal solution.

    PDF ready

2. Edit PDF in your Android Mobile

Although there are hundreds of apps to edit documents but when it comes to Editing PDF, my vote goes to Xodo. It is one of the best and versatile PDF handling apps. Not only you can write something on a pdf and highlight text, you can actually fill forms and annotate pdf (including a lot of tools like strike, underline, link, etc), add icons, draw on pdf, sync across your devices and lots of other stunning features. So, lets learn how you can perform all these functions together in an application.

Xodo PDF reader
  1. Open Google Play and Download google play
    First download Xodo from google play. You can also click this link which will redirect you to Xodo in google play store.
  2. Open the PDF you want to edit
    Now open the pdf from your file browser to edit. If you have any default pdf reader in your phone you can change the defaults from settings or you can also use the Xodo browser to open pdf.
  3. Click the pencil icon to edit
    After Xodo loads the pdf what you have to do next is click the pencil icon from the top menu which will open the main editor where you can find a lot of handy Pdf tools.
  4. Click the icon [T|] to write something on it
    From the top nav click the icon [T|] and it will allow you to write anywhere on the pdf. Just click the region you want to write and it will open a textbox where you can write whatever you want and save.
  5. Other Pdf tools
    In addition to the write tool you have some other tools like comments, highlight, underline, signature, pencil, hand, strike, picture, stamp erase, line, border and crop.

Bonus: PDF Unlocker Tools for Free

3. Using Acrobat Reader to Edit PDF Documents

Since, PDF format was created by Adobe, they have provided an editing feature within their Acrobat Reader software. With Acrobat Reader editing and formatting a PDF document is much easier and faster, however, all these features are provided only within the software’s premium/paid versions. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your device yet, and if you are in a hurry to edit a PDF, I recommend you subscribe to their FREE trial.

It’s very simple to edit your pdf document using Acrobat Reader and here is how you do it.

  1. Step 1 – Open Acrobat Reader program on your device. It could be either an Application on your mobile phone or a program file on your PC.
  2. Step 2 – Once it is open you click on Home and Open the PDF file that you want to edit on Acrobat Reader. Now you should be able to view the entire content of the pdf file on your device.
  3. Step 3 – Click on Tools in the menu ( located on the left corner of your screen). Upon clicking Tool, you see a list of tools displayed on your screen. Off all the icons, click on Edit PDF icon and click on the open button just below it.
  4. Step 4 – Click on the content within the PDF file that you want to edit, which transforms the content to interactive mode. In this mode, you can edit text, correct spelling errors, resize content and other elements within the file, and much more.
  5. Step 5 – Once you are done editing, go to Home menu and Save the document.

That’s it. Simple isn’t it?

4. Using 3rd party Software to Edit PDF Documents

There are many free and paid PDF editors available in the market today. If you feel paying for Acrobat Reader tool is not justified, not to worry. Simply try some of the free 3rd party tools to edit PDF. I am listing a couple of third-party tools that you must definitely try.

  1. PDFSam – With PDFSam one can merge, rotate, split, convert, edit and more on PDF files. PDFSam’s basic version is FREE and offers a good amount of features within it.
  2. PDF XChange Suite – This pdf editor has two versions – A FREE and a Paid version. The best part is that FREE version covers almost 85% of all features available in the premium package. PDFXChange suit is considered to be one of the smallest, fastest and features rich PDF editor.
  3. PDFeScape – PDFescape is a browser-based web application and supports almost all browsers. PDFeScape is known to offer the quick solution to PDF editing problems.

5. Using MS word to Edit PDF Documents

You might think I am crazy to put such a solution, but I felt it qualifies to be on the list. If you are changing a small textual PDF file, I would recommend you to type it in word (.docx format), make necessary changes and then use an online word to pdf converter to get the final edited PDF. You will certainly save a lot of time!

With hundreds of FREE and Premium PDF editing tools available in the market, relying completely on Acrobat Reader for editing and formatting is the thing of the past.  With third-party software for almost no cost to you, anything can be given a format of your choice.

This was you can easily write on a pdf. If you have an any better solution or you have any issues for the same then let us know in the comment section down below and we will revert to it as soon as possible.

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