How to set Apple Watch Move Goals?

InternetHow to set Apple Watch Move Goals?

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If you are an Apple Watch user, you must be aware of the three goals that are set to be achieved on the daily basis. Exercise, Stand and Movement. Apple has definitively made it a certain amount so that it applies to all of its users all across the world in the last couple of years.

Stand goals are basic like stand at least for a minute during 12 hours of the day and 30 minutes of exercise. But when it comes to move goals there is an option for the end user to actually set a particular goal for himself/herself. We will talk about that in detail in this article below.

What are Move Goals?

Before jumping into setting your own move goal, let’s understand what exactly move goals entail. The whole idea of Move goals is to take a measurement of what you burn throughout the day when you are not actively trying to exercise to burn excess calories in your body.

For instance, when you brush your teeth, lie on the couch, open the door or do any mundane activity we generally dissipate energy from our body by burning tiny amounts of calories. Eventhough these are not active workouts, they still manage to burn energy from the food your consume.

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Apple refers to these as Active Energy. Its the energy that you burn by just been active or alive to be precise. These move goals are being measured by the built-in accelerometer and heart rate monitor. Based on the intensity or stress you apply to anything you do during the day, your movements are noticed and goals are updated every single day.

Why is it important?

Its important because activity is what drives our human body to rest and rejuvinate and keep the cycle going. Aside from your health goals, you body requires movement or activity to be precise to actually function in its normal state. Metabolism requires some sort of accelerated body movements to properly digest and take up the nutrients from our daily consumption.

When it comes to specific fitness goals, even if you workout a lot during the day or have specific diets, you normal movements during the day makes a good chunk of the calories you burn without putting extra effort.

In turn move goals specifically empowers your fitness journey and helps you reach the goals effectively. In addition to that, research suggests that physical activity directly relates to diabetes, cancer and heart diseases etc., So, basically you need to move a lot to live longer and the fact that Apple Watch makes it a priority to do this is a good thing in total for humanity.

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So, whatever goal you have in mind, its a good thing in general to be active and finish your Move goals. In the next section, let’s see how we can actually set our own Move goals in Apple Watch.

How to set Apple Watch Move Goals?

First things first, you need an Apple Watch and assuming you have already paired the watch and set it up, follow the steps below to ensure to have your own move goals.

  1. Assuming you are wearing the Apple watch, Press the Digital Crown to reveal the App Grid. Now open the Activity app. App Grid
  2. You will see the activity measurements for Today like this. Activity app
  3. Scroll to the bottom and then choose Change Goals as you can see below. Choose Change Goals
  4. You will be taken to this screen where you can see the default calories as 300 calories which is set as move goal for a day. I have never changed and if you have never changed before it should be 300 calories for you as well. Move Goals
  5. Here you can increase of decrease the goal by using the (-) and (+) button as you can see above. Once you have done that, tap Next.
  6. Now you will see the Exercise goals. This is a time based goal of 30 minutes. You can choose to increase or decrease based on your liking. Tap Next. Exercise Goal
  7. The last one is the Stand goal I was talking about earlier. You can make changes if you like. Once done tap Ok and your new changes will be set as the new exercise, stand and also move goals. Stand Goal

That’s it. Now you have your own new Move goals. These goals can be changed at any time and your health statistics will be updated accordingly.

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So, the best way to adjust these goals is to check how many calories you burn or minutes you spend working out and if its always above the limit you have set, then its a good idea to move the goal post towards a higher limit so that you can reach the sky.

More than the goals, the major thing is to be consistent. Even if you are not able to complete your goals, you have to show up everday and record some level of activity either standing or exercising or even moving around the house because a lot of people tend of workout heavily one or twice a week and then it wears off. So, I’d rather be consistent than to be agressive when it comes to health related things.

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