How to Hide liked Videos on TikTok

InternetHow to Hide liked Videos on TikTok

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Waftr’s Quick Answer to Hide Liked Videos on TikTok

1. Open TikTok -> Profile Section -> Me
2. Tap the heart icon and tap on the (•••) icon
3. Under Privacy choose who can see your TikTok liked videos
4. Change that to Only me

Now you have hidden all your TikTok Liked Videos. To know a more detailed answer, read below-

Doesn’t matter whether you like a TikTok video of an Italian chef making Aglio e Olio or a turtle climbing a wall post, all your liked videos are saved in your Profile. If you feel like watching your liked videos you could go back and watch them anytime you want.

This is somewhat like the Saved Posts in Instagram which is also a problem let’s be honest. If people come to know what kind of photos or videos we are liking on the internet, it’s not going to be a pretty picture. Let’s face it.

One caveat for this feature is that any stranger who goes to your profile can actually see every liked TikTok video ever. This might not seem like an issue but your liked videos clearly show what sort of content you are interested in. God forbid, if you like something malicious or controversial, anybody would know that you did it.

Private Accounts don’t have this problem

So, this issue is for public accounts only. Any profile which is private is not exposed to strangers. So, nobody can actually see your liked videos. So, the solution can be to ask everyone to go private. But that’s not a good option, isn’t it? So, What can we do?

Tiktok should be commended for this feature. It lets you choose who gets to actually see your liked videos. You could actually stop everyone from seeing your liked videos just like that.

How to Hide liked Videos on TikTok

Follow these steps to hide your liked videos from anyone.

  1. Open Tiktok and go to the Profile Section. This could be done by tapping on the Me tab.
  2. Once you are there, tap on the heart icon to see all the videos you have liked.
  3. Tap on the (•••) icon at the top right corner of the screen. This will open the Settings and Privacy Page.

  4. Choose Privacy in the list of options that appears which you would find at the top.

  5. Scroll down and look for the option that says Who can view your liked videos. You will find it under the Safety section. Choose it once you are there. You would see the selected option there.

  6. By Default this option will be selected to Everyone which as it clearly means that anyone can actually view your Liked videos.
  7. Select the option Only me to make sure only you could see the liked videos and no one else in your profile. These are the only two options available in this particular setting.

To verify that this setting has been put into action, you could go back to your Profile and choose the second tab which is the liked videos section. As you can already see that the heart icon has a line through it indicating that it is not open for the public to see.

If anyone else other than you visits your profile they would see a message saying “This user’s liked videos are private” which is exactly what we want. Nothing like saving your privacy on the internet if you are not focused on building an audience or in some cases even if you do.

Finally! Ready to Hide your liked videos?

The bottom line is, this is a great feature to ensure maximum privacy in terms of your interests. These days tech giants and even marketing professionals are scouring through social media to find a way to sell you one thing or the other. We don’t often keep a track of what we enjoy or like on the internet. Sometimes, it easy to like something and get our image destroyed among friends or family or even the public.

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