” How to check my Laptop or Desktop configuration? “    

      My friends asked me about my new Laptop’s configuration and I don’t know how to check it. ” How to check my Laptop or Desktop configuration? ” This post is for you guys, Configuration about a laptop or desktop is nothing but the properties of your computer. 

  1. Processor 
  2. RAM Capacity
  3. Hard Disk Capacity
            These three are the main thing you have to keep in mind.

To find your System Configuration:

1. Press Winkey + Pause/Break:

                      This will bring out a Popup where you can find your Operating system version, Processor, RAM, System Type etc. My Laptop is Windows 8.1, with i7 Intel processor and 8 GB RAM.

2. To Find your Hard disk Capacity, Goto My computer and add all the Disk’s memory, Here my laptop’s Hard Disk Capacity is 1 TB.

3. You can see the Entire Properties in System information: 

   You can also Find your System Type through the System information provided, Goto Run Press winkey+R), Type msinfo32 

                  You’ll get a Popup window of System Information, there you can find your system Information, You can click on Hardware Resources, Components, Software Environments, etc., 


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  1. Jefferey Griffes

    Good blog post. This helped me find my laptop configuration, Thank you

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