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The new question sticker just got Instagram Stories much more interactive. You are now more accessible to your followers, and thoughts can be shared with ease across this famous virtual platform. 

Now you can ask questions on Instagram with new and amazing

How to ask questions on Instagram

g features. People use different ways to ask questions on Instagram. You can use the Instagram sticker, add some phrases, use one-liners, you can even add a video or a photo to ask questions. It just depends on your choice of how you are going to interact with your friends. Instagram’s question feature helps you to connect with your friends and followers.

How To Ask A Question On Instagram?

Including a question sticker to your Instagram story is just like incorporating any other form of an interactive sticker. The answer to how to ask a question on Instagram is simple and easy; it involves only a few steps.

  1. Your app should be updated to the latest version. 
  2. Open your profile after updating the app, and select the option to add a story.
  3. Capture video, photo, get an image from the gallery,  or you can leave it with a colored backdrop as well.
  4. Go to the stickers, and pick the sticker ‘Questions.’

    Instagram stickers
  5. Your story now has a sticker on it, which says ‘Ask me a question,’ written by design.
  6. If you want to ask anything else,  you can change the text as per your choice.
  7. Now, by clicking on the question sticker, your followers can ask you questions, and they can ask as many times as they wish.

    Ask a question
  8. If you want to share any questions with others, you can share it directly as a story and type your comment on it as well. You will see three options ‘ Share answer, ‘ ‘ Delete message ‘ and ‘ Return message ‘ when you click on a reply.

Where to find the responses to your Questions?

There are different methods of asking questions on Instagram. You might wonder where your responses go. Whenever someone asks you a question, you’re going to see them at the same place where you see who’s viewed your story.

Look at your post, then click on the little “seen by” icon in the left corner at the bottom. It will show you who answered the questions under the heading “responses.”

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Different ways of asking a question on Instagram

  1. Host a Q&A Session
    There’s nothing better for people when they can have direct communication with their favorite brand or influencer on Instagram. With the help of Q&A, session followers can share their thoughts and ask questions about the brand on Instagram and instantly get their queries answered.
  2. Do an Instagram Takeover Challenge
    The new Instagram challenge that is trending worldwide is the Instagram Takeover challenge, where a well-known influencer generally controls a brand’s Instagram account for a limited amount of time.
  3. Run a Contest
    Followers love it when their favorite brand or influencer starts a major Instagram contest or giveaway. It’s a fun tactic that both influencers and brands use to increase their user engagement rate within a short period. With Instagram’s question sticker, the entire process of organizing a contest becomes quick and simple to execute.

People love Instagram because it is the best platform for conversation. There are a lot of ways to connect with brands and accounts, whether by commenting on their posts, sharing their stories, private messaging, or reacting to fun features like Questions. The Instagram Questions feature is quite easy to use, and it increases engagement with followers and friends.

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