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Google Slide Hacks

Looking for Google Slide tips! You reached the right place.

Google Slides is now one of the finest presentation software available in the market. With updates and latest feature additions, you can now create better presentations using Google Slide. Whether you want to collaborate on a class project, impress your client with a presentation, or prove your merit to your boss, these Google Slide tips would surely help you to achieve the best.

With Slides, you can easily and quickly create amazing presentations for all kinds of professional purposes. If you are new to Slides, use these 5 useful Google Slide tips noted below:

Tip#1: Master Slide Creation

A Master Slide is one of the most important parts of a professional presentation. It allows the presenter to quickly change/add/modify the slide that appears before the crowd. It also helps you to imbue the presentation with stylistic consistency.

Once the Slide presentation is ready but you want to make certain changes to it, follow these steps:

  • Click the Menu Bar in the Slide and Click Edit Master
  • Click the thumbnail under ‘Master’
  • Now edit the colour/background/images/shapes of the Slide

Edit Master


Tip#2: Embed Slides in Websites

With the help of Google Slides, you can present your creation directly on the Internet. Once you are ready to share the slideshow, go to File > Publish to the web > Embed. Once the presentation is ready, click Publish and copy the embed code into your web editing or CMS software.

The best thing about Google Slides is that you can edit your presentation anytime, and it is automatically updated on the site.


Tip#3: Chromecast Stream Presentation

Streaming gizmos are ‘in’ today in the world of presentation. Gone are the days of transparent plastic laminate sheets. Google Chromecast is a great relief for professional presentations, which is fast and easy to access. You need not connect your laptop to the projector or screen through a cable. Here is how Google Chromecast helps:

  1. From your Desktop: In order to stream a presentation from your PC using Chromecast, select “Present” from the drop-down arrow > Tap “Present on another screen.” This option is available only if you are connected to WiFi network as active Chromecast.
  2. From Smartphone: Now it is even possible to stream presentations from your smartphone to Chromecast. Moreover, you can also control them with a touchscreen. Open the presentation in the Slides app for iOS or Android device > Tap the streaming icon.

Present video

Tip#4: Make Changes to Images – Shape and Size

Selecting images for presentation makes a lot of difference to the grand finale. It is likely that you want the presentation to have several images, and not just the regular square or rectangular frames – for a change, choose triangular, circular or de-shaped images.

To add a different image to a slideshow, follow these steps:

  1. Insert > Image
  2. Select the image
  • Click the drop-down arrow next to crop icon
  1. Pick a shape you like

Tip#5: Add AutoPlay Videos to Your Slides

AutoPlay videos make slides interactive. People can easily relate to the slides and the information shared through it when videos are presented.

To insert a video into Google Slides, follow these Google Slide tips:

  • Format Menu > Video Options
  • It opens the side panel showing option “AutoPlay when presenting”
  • Choose Start and End time for video

Video Option

The latest addition to Google Slides tips is the template gallery. From the template gallery, you can choose a number of templates for the presentation relating to your profile. There are several third-party apps and sites packed with over hundreds of templates, ready for use.

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