Google Easter Eggs List – 2019 (New Games and Tricks)

An Easter egg is an unexpected or undocumented feature in a piece of computer software, included as a joke or a bonus. – Google.

List of Google Search Easter Eggs

Yes, there are lots of hidden tricks you can do and amaze in Google search results. I’ve given you some list of keywords using which you can play games, do cool tricks and much more in Google search results when you are bored. Just go to and start typing these words and have fun. You can also try my previous posts – Bored websites and Useless websites.

Before moving on to the list, Here is the surprising Google Easter egg on Avengers End Game.

  1. Just Google “Thanos
  2. Click on the infinity gauntlet. (You’ll see half of the search results disappearing)
  3. Click it again to get everything back.

A. Google Easter Eggs – Games 

Though there are a lot of websites to play games online, here are some games which you can play in Google search results page, These are the Google easter egg games.

1. Google AR in Search Results

Now you can play with 3D animals in Google search results, Just search for Tiger, cat or Dog and scroll down to view in 3D and enjoy the AR. This is the AR Google Easter Egg you can play in the Google Search Results. Read more: Google AR – 3D animals in Google search

2. Play Snake Game

You remember that snake eating fruits in your old Nokia phones and Nintendos? Yes, Snake game is back and now it is inside Google search results, this is the best among the Google easter eggs.

Google search: Play snake

Play Snake - Google Easter Eggonce you type Play snake and hit enter in your Phone or PC, you’ll get the snake and fruit image, now click tap to play. the game opens swipe left or right in your mobile to move snake and arrows in PC.

Play Snake Game - Google Easter Egg

collect as many fruits as you can and challenge your friends.

Play Snake Game

3. Solitaire

Hope Windows users miss this game, Solitaire is the cards based game which you can play now in Google search results page.

Google search: Solitaire

Solitaire - Google Easter EggClick on Tap to Play, you’ll get the below screen, If you are new to this game, find the game rules here – Solitaire rules.

Solitaire Game - Google Easter Egg
Play Solitaire

4. Play Pacman 

Another best Google easter egg is Pacman, Pacman is everyone’s favorite, Searching for “Google Pacman” has a playable version of the Pacman game appear on the screen. You can swipe in your mobile and use Arrow keys in PC to run the maze and Play.

Google search: Pac Man

Pac Man - Google Easter Egg

Play Pac Man

5. Minesweeper

Do you Miss Minesweeper game? Google brought it to search result page and now you can play that for free. Google “Minesweeper” or “Play Minesweeper”, you’ll find the game screen in Google search results. Hit play and start playing.

Google search: Minesweeper

Play Minesweeper

People who don’t know what this game is, you have to find all the land mines in this game without detonating them and you can get the help from the neighboring fields, if you find 1, then there’s a mine in any of the 8 fields surrounded by that 1. right click to mark a Flag.

Playing Minesweeper in Google search

Play Minesweeper

6. Tic Tac Toe

Yes this game is also there in Google search, by default game will be in Medium mode, and you’ll be playing this game with Google, you can change the difficulty level and play with your friends by changing the option at the top right.

Google search: Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe - Google Easter EggPlay Tic Tac Toe

7. Zerg Rush

You can start playing this game by typing “Zerg Rush“, but it is hard to play in mobile, you have to go to setting and enable desktop site. Type “Zerg Rush”, series of ‘O’ starts attacking your search results, you have to click on them thrice to kill each ‘O’, the game becomes very hard when the number of Os increases. Try this and update your score in comments.

Google search: Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush game

Play Zerg Rush

8. Atari Breakout

Try this in Desktop, for mobile enable desktop site. Search for “Atari Breakout” and click on images just below the search bar. Will start a ball game by combining all the images.

Google search: Atari Breakout

atari breakout

Play Atari Breakout

9. Earth Day Quiz

Just by answering 6 questions you can find which animal are you. Curious? just google “Earth Day Quiz” and start answering.

Google search: Earth Day Quiz

earth day quiz

Play Earth Day Quiz

10. Spin a dreidel

Dreidel is a Top with four sides, Nun – nothing, Hei – half, Gimel – all, Shin – put in. Google “Spin a dreidel” to get this spinner and Click spin to start spinning.

Google search: Spin a Dreidel

Spin a Dreidel

Spin a Dreidel

11. Animal Sounds

Now, listen to the Animal sounds in Google Search results, this Google easter will be so much fun for kids, Just Google “Animal sounds” and you can see a list of animals, tap them to see what that says.

Google search: Animal Sounds

Google search - Animal sounds

Play Animal Sounds

Click see more and find nearly 57 animals on the list.

Note: Don’t search for Fox, It’s not there, I tried :'(

B. Google Easter Eggs Tricks and Utilities

Here are some mind-blowing Google search tricks you can do and impress your friends. Same like games, just type the keywords in Google search and you’ll see the tricks working.

12. Flip a Coin

This is the next cool Google easter egg, Now you don’t need to search for a coin to Toss during cricket, take your phone and ask Google to flip a coin.

Google search: Flip a coin

Flip a Coin - Google Easter Egg

Try Flipping Coin

13. Spinner

Need a Fidget spinner? Ask Google. search for “spinner” on google and you’ll get a Fidget spinner. tap on the spinner to spin.

Google search: Spinner

Spinner - Google Easter Egg

Try Spinning

You can also change the fidget spinner to a spinner wheel using the toggle button at the top right. here you can change the number by changing the wheel size.

Spinner Wheel - Google Easter Egg

14. Do a barrel roll

Yes, this will confuse you initially, stop thinking and Type “Do a barrel roll” in Google search and you’ll see the whole screen makes a 360° rotation.

Google search: Do a barrel roll

do a barrel roll

Try Barrel rolling

15. Breathing exercise

Now you don’t need to Download an Application for Mediation, Just Google “Breathing Exercise”.

Google search: Breathing exercise

Google Breathing ExerciseTry Breathing Exercise

16. Askew

Done with “Do a barrel roll?” Okay, Type “Askew” but this time screen won’t rotate, It’ll do a tilt, as shown below.

Google search: Askew

askew Google search easter egg

Try Askew

17. Color Picker

Are you a Designer? need to find Hexa codes of color? Just Google “Color Picker”, You’ll get a color picker window, Just pick the color you want and you’ll get the respective HEX, RGB, HSV, HSL, CMYK color codes.

Google Color PickerTry Color Picker 

18. Recursion

Typing “Recursion” in Google search will show you “Did you mean: Recursion” below the search bar even though you didn’t make any mistake in the spelling. funny way of explaining the meaning of this word.

Google search: Recursion


Try Recursion

19. Calculator

Just Google Search your math questions or type Calculator.

Google CalculatorTry Calculator

20. Anagram

Just like “Recursion”, when you search for “Anagram”, Google will show “Did you mean nag a ram”. Anagram is a word or name or a phrase formed by rearranging the letters of another word.

Google search: Anagram

anagram - Google easter egg

Try Anagram

21. Kerning

Just like “Recursion” Google shows fun in showing up the result for “Kerning” in the search result, Kerning is the process of adjusting the space in between the letters of a word. When you type “Kerning” in Google search, you can see a space in between each letter of the word K e r n i n g in the search result.

Google search: Kerningkerning

Try Kerning

22. The loneliest number

Search for “the loneliest number” in Google search and Google calculator will tell you the loneliest number.

Google search: The Loneliest Number

Find the loneliest number

23. Google Number Speaker

Get numbers in wordings e.g.: searching 56=english will show you fifty-six

number to english trick

Try Converting numbers

24. Blink HTML

“Blink HTML” in Google search will make both of the words “blink” and “HTML” do just that “blink” wherever it appears in the search results page. This works only in Desktop.

Google search: Blink HTML

Try Blink HTML

25. Once in a Blue Moon

Do you want to know when is Once in a Blue moon? ask Google.

Google search: Once in a Blue moon.

Once in a blue moon - Google easter egg

26. Metronome

Metronome is a device which creates tik tik or some audible sound in regular intervals, usually, you can see this in hospitals, Google gives you the option to make the sound in Google search results.

Google search: Metronome

Adjust the BPM to change the sound and intervals.

Try Metronome

27. Google Pronunciation

Now you can ask Googles help for pronouncing words, Just Google “word” + pronunciation.


28. I’m Feeling Curious

Feeling bored? Try ” I’m Feeling Curious” in Google Search, you’ll get some interesting questions with Answer.

Google search: I’m feeling Curious

i'm feeling curious

Try I’m Feeling Curious 

C. Google Easter Eggs Charts

29. Draw Heart

Draw a Heart in Google. You can send this to your love! Lol!

Google search: (sqrt(cos(x))*cos(200x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(9-x^2), -sqrt(9-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5

Draw Heart

Draw heart

30. Draw Easter Egg

Finally, the easter egg is here. Try this in Desktop and this won’t work in Mobile unless you enable Desktop site.

Google search: 1.2+(sqrt(1-(sqrt(x^2+y^2))^2) + 1 – x^2-y^2) * (sin (10000 * (x*3+y/5+7))+1/4) from -1.6 to 1.6

egg graph

Draw Egg

D. Google Easter Eggs for PC

31. Set Google now reminder in Desktop

Now you can set reminders in your Browsers instead of saying to your mobile,

Google easter eggs - reminder

You can type your reminder as shown in the above image and click Remind me on Google Now,

Still, there are much more Google search tricks hidden in Google, we will come back with an updated Google search post to give you much more awesome Google tricks. Please comment on the ones I missed.

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  1. Great tips for those who use Google only for their research purposes where it is already best. Google can be a real fun place and can take care of much of your headaches if you know these tricks exist. Apart from these, Google tilt, earthquake, Google pac-man, and dinosaur game (an offline fun) can be a real mood busters. Try them out.

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