How to Stop Siri suggestions on iPhone?

AppleHow to Stop Siri suggestions on iPhone?

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Apple has always worked on Siri becoming a worthy adversary for Google and Alexa. One of the features that helps Siri become that is Siri Suggestions. So, Siri Suggestions are notifications that suggests what you might want to do next based on your routines and daily smartphone usage habits. Say, if you open youtube or play a Spotify playlist around noontime, Siri understands that it’s a regular habit and adds it to suggestions to be shown around Lunchtime.

Siri suggestions are also open to third-party apps and also Apple’s own ecosystem apps. A couple of really cool Siri suggestions that I personally use a lot are Navigate to home via Google Maps, Check habit in the Done app, play Liked songs in Spotify. Even though these are very helpful, they can most definitely clutter the Siri screen with too many suggestions and if you are someone who doesn’t use this option at all, you could turn this off.

How to Turn off Siri suggestions completely?

Follow the steps below to turn off Siri suggestions in iOS. Please be aware that the screenshots are from iOS 15 and might vary for other versions but shouldn’t be tricky to navigate.

Step 1: Look for the settings app on the home screen of your iPhone. Click on it to open the Settings app.

Step 2: As soon as the app is opened, scroll down and look for the option Siri & Search. Tap on it to move to the next page.

Step 3: You will head to a page with options like Suggestions while Searching, Suggestions on Lock Screen, Suggestions on Home Screen and Suggestions when Sharing. All these options will have a button to the right-hand side and the button will be enabled as shown below.

Step 4: To stop receiving Siri suggestions, you must turn off each of the four buttons that indicate each Siri suggestion and swipe the button to the right to disable it, which would then look like this. This would disable Siri in providing suggestions in searches, share sheet, calendar, Look Up, Visual Look Up, Safari, apps and more

How to Turn off Siri suggestions from specific apps?

These settings are from the same section of How to turn off Siri suggestions completely. So follow the steps mentioned below here.

Step 1: As discussed above, look for the settings app on the home page of your iPhone and click on it to open the app.

Step 2: Scroll down and find the option Siri & Search. Tap on it to head to the next page.

Step 3: On the next page, scroll down to the space where all the apps on the phone are listed out

Step 4: Click on the specific app in which you would want the Siri suggestions to be turned off. For instance, I clicked on the Amazon app. It will take you to the Siri Suggestions page that specifically belongs to the Amazon app.

Step 5: The Siri Suggestions page that belongs to the Amazon app looks like the below image. In it you would find four options such as Show Suggestions from App, Suggest App, Show App in Search, Show Content in Search. All of them would have a button to their left-hand side which is enabled. Click and swipe to the left to disable each one of them to avoid receiving Siri suggestions from this particular app.

So, this is how you could turn off Siri suggestions on your smartphone if you happen to think it’s annoying. One thing to remember is that if you think this feature is actually collecting your data, then you could just disable the option called Learn from this app in the screenshot above.

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