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Admit it, using the Dark Mode is attractive on its own and it has a lot of benefits as well! For instance, they are lighter to your eye and it helps when you use the computer or mobile device for too long. Plus, it adds a sense of luxury and poshness to the platform.

Enable Chrome Dark Mode

Chrome Dark Mode on PC – Windows or Mac

No wonder many applications, browsers, and even the operating systems are providing options to enable dark mode. But sadly, at the time of writing this article, Google Chrome actually does not have a direct – shot for applying the dark theme. There are three little indirect yet easy ways by which you can get it. Here they are!

1. PC settings to Apply Dark Theme

Note that the first step will only work for/from Chrome 74 on the Windows system and Chrome 73 on the macOS.

For that,

  • Type ‘Settings’ in the search bar below and choose the ‘Settings App’.
Chrome Dark Mode
  • Click on ‘Personalization’
  • Under ‘Colors’, scroll down to the ‘Default App Mode’ and then select ‘Dark’.
Windows Dark mode enable

On the Mac, you can directly enable the system-wide dark mode.

2. Applying Dark Theme on Chrome

Yes, this is more beneficial if you just want to apply the dark theme on Chrome and not on the entire system. Or if you have an older system that does not support the system dark mode. And plus, the quality of some of the themes available on the Chrome web store is very good as well.

Just Black Chrome Theme

You can simply go to the Web Store and type the keywords as ‘Chrome Dark Themes’. Choose the themes according to their number of downloads and the ratings. To help you save time, here are the best we found:

  1. Install Just Blach Google Chrome Theme
  2. Install Morpheon Dark Google Chrome Theme

You can click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ option in the above theme pages to apply the link to Chrome.

If you want to reset it to default, these are the steps:

  • If you want to reset the theme you have applied to the default one, just click on the three dots on the top right of your Chrome window.
  • Choose ‘Settings’.
  • Under ‘Appearance’, click on ‘Reset to Default’ option beside the themes.

3. Using Dark Mode Extension

There is still a catch to the theme option used above. It will not work for websites that use the white background, so, the most effective option is to use an extension that will automatically apply its feature to every web – page you visit. The same can also be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. To help you get started with one, here is it:

Windows Personalization Settings

Install Dark Mode Google Chrome store

The best part about extensions are that you can control their functionalities as well! Get started with one, and you can use other colors also!

Implement these steps to provide a beautifying dark – themed browsing experience on your Chrome website. Happy Browsing!


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