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Fix Facebook Messenger connection issue

Facebook Messenger is one of the Top messaging app, there are some issues which makes messenger to stop working properly, here are some tips to make Messenger work good this works for both Android and iOS.

Before moving on to Fixing, Please check the below suggestions,

  1. Check you have Good internet connection.
  2. Make sure you have the recent version of Messenger.

Try the below tips once you have passed the above given 2 suggestions.

  1.  Open Setting and Go to Application Manager,
  2. Select all application,
  3. Click on Messenger.
  4. Clear Cache and Clear data.
  5. Restart you phone.

If you still got the issue try uninstalling and reinstalling Facebook messenger

Report the Messenger Issue to Facebook

Oh, God! Still you are facing the issue? You can Report the Issue to Facebook

If the Messenger is still not working after trying those steps given above, You can report the Problem to Facebook and they’ll take action very soon. Follow the steps given below to report Messenger not working issue to Facebook.

  1. Open Setting (Click the Gear icon)
  2. Click Report a Problem
  3. Select the type of Problem you are facing and Describe it in text Box
  4. Tap Send.
  5. If possible attach some screenshots,  this will help them resolve the issue much faster.

If you found any other solution to Messenger Issues, Feel free to comment below!



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