2 Ways to Watch Facebook Videos Together with your Friends

Internet2 Ways to Watch Facebook Videos Together with your Friends

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Gone are the days, when you send a YouTube or Facebook video link to your friend and ask him/her to watch it. And this COVID-19 made us learn a distant life with friends and families, sitting next to each other for a Movie or TV show is not possible these days, but we have some other options to make us virtually sit together to watch every second of the video synced to share the moments in realtime called Watch Together. You have features like Netflixparty by Netflix for simultaneous Movies and Series watching like a Television show premiere. Now, Facebook announced the Watch together feature on the Messenger app. This feature on the Messenger app helps you watch the videos on Facebook that you uploaded or suggested for you or a video from a page can be seen with your friend or family just like a video call.

How to Watch Together on Facebook Messenger:

  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. Start a Video call or create a messenger room.
  3. Add your friends
  4. Open Menu and click Watch Together option.

    Watch Together
    Just above Share your screen you can see Watch Together option, click on that to get a list of videos. You can also add more friends by pressing the + symbol just above the Watch Together option.
  5. choose the video.

    Choosing videos
    You can swipe around to see TV&Movies, Watched, Uploaded, or search a video using the top search bar.
  6. Play the video and watch it with your friends.

But this option is only available for Android and iOS mobile, but how can you see a Facebook video with your friend on PC or Laptop? please find below steps-

How to Watch Together Facebook videos on PC:

There’s a website called Watch2gether which helps you create rooms to see videos with your friends online at a synced time.

  1. Go to w2g.tv and click on Create Room.

    This will create a temporary room and a random video from YouTube will start playing.
  2. Click Invite friend and copy the URL and share it with your friends.

    Invite friends
  3. Now choose Facebook from the list of the source at the top.

    Choose Facebook
  4. Go to facebook.com and copy the link of the Facebook video you need to watch and paste here.

    Copy fb link

You can choose not only Facebook but also YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, Instagram, and more.

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