Do you know these Google tricks ? , If so then you are a GEEK…!

InternetDo you know these Google tricks ? , If so then you...

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Google Tricks

10-google-search-tricks-you-might-not-know-982f430daf                     Here are some Latest trending tricks which is very useful and so don’t skip or skim.  Today everyone uses internet and it became an integrated part of our life, Google plays a vital role in it, and knowing more about Google and making search  faster and effective manner will be very useful. These Google tricks may be known or unknown to you, if you know then you may be a Geek.
1. Definition:
               When we are in need to find the meaning of a word, we will rush up to find a dictionary to search the word and Don’t waste your valuable time, Just Google your word with the prefix of “ Define: ” E.g. : to find the definition of “ Computer ” Just Google “ Define: Computer ”.

2. Local search:
               When you are out to cinema hall, restaurant, shopping mall, hotel or anywhere around, you can find anything you want by typing in to the search, E.g. : “Chennai: Shopping mall ” will show you all the shopping mall in Chennai.

3. Calculator:
              Google provides you with full scientific calculator, you just have to type your mathematical query on Google and it will give you the exact result. For E.g. :  If you want to know the value of sin 50 then type “sin 50 degrees ” and you will get your result.

4. Converter:
              Just like the calculator, Google also provides converter to its users. you can type conversion like m to cm for conversion of meter to centimetre similarly for all other conversions. and also you can do conversions of mass, length, power, weight, time, temperature, speed, pressure and many others.

5. Translate:
              Many time we find something written in different language and we left that without reading them. we can use the Google translate tool to translate to your desired language from any language.

6. Find Specific file types:
          We search for some specific file type and you we are unable to get that file easily, you can get a specific file type just doing like this: “ PDF: Google tricks ” you will get all the results of PDF related to the Google tricks.

7. Movies or weather:

            If you want to know about movie or weather update in your area then go to Google type movie or weather and then type your area zip code. E.g. : “ movie 636002”.


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