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You may be interested in Secrets and Tricks, and this post is for you. This post consists of Top 3 windows 7 secrets which your Geek Friend May not known. Learn them and teach them.         

I. How to Exit an Explorer, without using Task manager…!

Okay, Everyone knows about exiting your explorer using Task manager. But There’s a hidden way to close your Explorer. Press Winkey(Start), Press and hold Ctrl + Shift keys and make a right click any were on the Pop – Up. You can see Exit Explorer beneath the Properties option. But when you try for a normal right click over the Pop – Up screen, Just the Properties option will be shown

ex explorer.
II. Get more Stuff when you click on send to.

                     Coming to the next Secret, Just try and see what are you getting when you right click on any folder or file and click on the send to option 

K, I know that you could see only 6 options as ( default ). But when You Press your Shift key while making a right click on the folder or file, and clicking on to the send to the button you could see plenty of folders in addition.

III. Bringing XP Alt-Tab prompt in windows 7:

This is our 3rd and last secret, we just toggle from one program to other by using the Alt+Tab in Windows XP and the same in Windows 7 also but in addition they added aero enabled by pressing Winkey+Tab in windows 7. But the appearance differs. And we can bring the Windows XP Alt-Tab prompt in Windows 7, Just Hold your Left Alt and press and leave your right Alt key and then press the Tab and See the change…!


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