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This post teaches you How to delete your Instagram account on your Phone. Using Instagram over a long period can cause severe addiction. It is better to get rid of the application and delete Instagram for good if it is clogging up your social and work life. Instagram is perhaps the most popular social media application right after Facebook. In fact, the Instagram account is directly linkable to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. which gives you more motivation to waste your time using these applications.

Instagram provides you two options of either deactivating your account or permanently deleting your Instagram account forever. You can delete your Instagram account if you completely want to delete including photos and videos permanently, But, If you want to delete your account temporarily you can deactivate your Insta account.

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Permanently Delete Instagram Account on Phone

Time needed: 5 minutes

Below are the steps to delete your Instagram account permanently

  1. Login to Your Instagram account.

    Open your Mobile browser and Log in to your Insta account, as your App won’t allow you to delete Instagram.

    1. login Instagram

  2. Click here: Delete Instagram Permanently.

    Now Go to Manage account and select Delete my account or follow this link –

    Instagram Deletion

  3. Choose a reason for leaving Instagram.

    Pick a reason for deleting your Instagram account like Trouble getting started, Want to remove something.

    Pick reason for deleting Instagram

  4. Now Type your password again

    Don’t get annoyed, this is for security purpose, just type in your Instagram password again.

    Retype password

  5. Select Permanently delete my account.

    Now click on the big red button saying “Permanently delete my account” This is the final confirmation button so think twice before clicking the delete button, with this your whole account will be gone.

    Delete Instagram permanently
    This final action will permanently delete your Instagram account in 1 month.

Before moving on to a detailed explanation of how to delete the Instagram account for good, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Note: Read Before Deleting Your Instagram Account

  1. Once you delete the Instagram account permanently all your information from the platform is lost for good. All your likes, followers, following, videos, comments, photos, etc. vanish from the platform.
  2. After permanently deleting your Instagram account, you have no way or recovering the information back. So, if you plan on not using Instagram for a while to practice self-control, you might want to check out how to deactivate the account instead.
  3. You can deactivate your Instagram account to take a break and get back all your information just the way you left it on reactivating the account.
  4. You can use your username only once on Instagram. Unlike other social media platforms that allow others to use the same username again after Insta account deletion, your username is permanently blocked and made unusable for good.
  5. It is always advisable to deactivate your Instagram account for a while rather than permanently delete it for good because in the second scenario you need to start afresh.
  6. Uninstalling the Instagram application from your smartphone is not the same as deleting the Instagram account for good. You need to follow different steps to remove your account permanently.
  7. Once you delete your account, all your photos and videos are automatically lost. Also, no one will be able to locate you on Instagram after you delete the account.
  8. You cannot delete your Instagram account in case you have forgotten your login credentials. You need to first recover the credentials using the Forgot Password feature to permanently delete the account.

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So now that you know the various risks associated with deleting the Instagram account, I will teach you how to delete it for good.

Deleting Instagram Account on Phone in 2022

In cases where you are unsure of your decisiveness in throwing away your Instagram account or at times when you think you just a temporary break from the outside world, you can choose to ‘deactivate’ your Instagram account. This means your account will not appear in anyone’s newsfeed and search results. Your username is still yours and all your photos are safely stashed away but in an invisible mode. Anytime when you decide to step back in action, you can sign in to your account with your authorized credentials and your account will get activated.

In the other case where you feel you have had enough drama, you can opt to delete your Instagram account permanently. Once you delete your account, there is no option to backtrack! Your username is grabbed away from you and is made available for the millions of other users who are signing up. All the photos that you posted get lost including the ones in which you were tagged. All the likes and comments you made gets deleted permanently.

How to Deactivate your Instagram

Deactivating the Instagram account will only disable the Instagram account till you re-enable your Instagram account, Your photos and videos won’t get deleted.

1. Login Instagram and click the profile icon.
2. Click Edit Profile and click temporarily disable my account.
3. Choose a reason and enter your Instagram password.
4. Click Temporarily Disable Account.
5. Your Instagram account got successfully deactivated.

How to Delete Instagram Account – Step by Step

Here, we explain you in details about the way in which you can delete your Instagram account –

Step 1: Initially log into your Instagram account. Since deleting/deactivating your account is not possible through your mobile app, log into your account via mobile browser or desktop.

Step 2: Click here: Delete Instagram Permanently to navigate to your Instagram account deletion page which will automatically be directed to a page that allows removing Instagram account permanently from the list of its users.

Delete Instagram

Step 3: Choose a reason why you want to delete your account. This is a mandatory step that has to be followed as it enables further understanding for the people behind the application to understand what went wrong that forced you to step out of their arena. Further, on choosing a reason to step out, Instagram gives appropriate links that are meant for helping in sorting out the issue the person is facing.

Reason to delete Instagram

Step 4: Re-enter your password to continue the process. In order to make sure that you arrived at this decision definitely and not by mistake or doubt, Instagram asks you to perform this step to get a double confirmation from your side before it proceeds in deleting your account.

Permanently delete InstagramClick on the ‘Permanently delete my account’ blue colored button present at the bottom of the page to proceed to the final step in this account deletion process.

Pooffff! With that, you get away from the Instagram community forever, unless you choose to create a new account with a new username and you start posting new pictures and new stories and gain new followers.

Instagram account deleted

Frequently Asked Questions on deleting Instagram:

1. What happens when I disable my Instagram account?

Nobody can search your profile, Nobody can take your username, Your photos and videos won’t get deleted.

2. Is disabling Instagram deletes all my Photos and Videos?

Disabling Instagram account won’t delete all your Photos, Videos, and even your account configuration when re-enabling will bring all Photos and Videos.

3. How to Reactivate Instagram?

Login to your Account from your phone browser and your Instagram account will get activated.

4. How to delete a Hacked Instagram account?

Go to Instagram support and explain your situation, they’ll help you.

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