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Thanks to the internet there are now numerous ways to learn sign language apart from the regular classroom method.

Ways to Learn Sign languages online


Visual language is used as an aid for the deaf and a combination of certain symbols by the hand to express words. They are numerous ways to learn American Sign Language in the internet outside the confines of a classroom.

1. YouTube Videos

One of the easiest ways to learn Sign Language at home is through YouTube videos. These are a host of presenters with their own online classes even offering a degree. You can visit Signed with Heart one of the best YouTube channel and below are some more YouTube Channels.

signed with hearts - Youtube sign language channel

This expert is hard of hearing himself and offers numerous degrees which can be done online. His center is called The Bio of Lifeprint which is one of the most popular YouTube pages to learn American Sign Language.

This page on YouTube as well offers a lot of courses including a great beginner’s guide to ASL with common phrases, alphabets, and numbers.

Originally designed for girls this YouTube page offers a beautiful animation series especially for young girls to learn sign language.

2. Websites to learn Sign language

Don’t be fooled by its old-school approach but this tool offers a wealth of quizzes, finger spelling practice and a super detailed dictionary with loads of videos on how to use hundreds of words in ASL.sign language website

This is another great web resource tool it comes with loads of videos for hundreds of words and a dictionary. It also has a complete study on deaf culture so it will make your learning whole.

You can sign in for this web tutorial by facebook or your email. This guide has a detailed collection of videos for greetings, common phrases, and a dictionary. If you willing to pay a bit you even get videos with quizzes and lessons.

3. Apps to learn Sign Language

Today they are a long list of Apps that you can download onto your phone that will keep you always in touch and help you in situations. Some of the Apps include

This is a free iOS App that keeps everything very simple with a list of alphabets and words.

This is a lifeprint App which is very cheap and will get help you get your fingerspelling right.

Marlee Signs is an App by Oscar-winning deaf actress Marlee Matlin which is a complete guide for finger spelling and using ASL effectively.

These are some of the most popular resources online to learn ASL (American Sign Language)

Hope you found this helpful and if you are thinking of learning Sign Language can start with any of these internet tools to communicate in sign language by the American Sign Language.

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