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InternetHow to make firefox Browser faster

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Make Firefox Browser Faster:

Many People suffer from very slower Internet speed due to less connection speed and also due to overload in the memory by the Registries and browsing History.My friends and even myself suffered by this problem and after many days I found a solution for this.the users might think by using the newer versions of browsers they can gain their Internet speed and it cannot be gained by only using a newer version but also clearing all the temp files and registries.

Let me show you how to increase your browsing speed in any Version of “Firefox”.

Steps to Speed up Firefox browser:

Here are some steps to be followed to speed up your Firefox browser.     Tips to make Firefox Faster

Speed up Firefox Step 1: Use Pipelining

  • First open the Firefox Browser and in the Address bar type “about:config”.
  • Now search “network.http.pipelining” and change it to true(By Default it seems to be false). This can be changed by double clicking the line.
  • Then,”network.http.proxy.pipelining” and enable or change it to true.
  • Now,”network.http.pipelining.maxrequests” to 8 and its value can be set to any limit and the value higher then this limit will let your browser to load the pages more slowly.

Speed up Firefox Step 2:Clear Browsing History

This step will remove all the browsing history, which will free your memory leads to a faster Internet.

  • Now,open the Firefox and click “Options” and choose the option “Clear Browsing History”.
  • To Remove cookies, follow the commands Firefox Menu->Options->Privacy->Remove Individual Cookies->Remove all cookies.
  • Now follow the steps Firefox Menu->Options->Privacy->Remember history to Never Remember History.

Speed up Firefox Step 3:Use Fastfox Add-on

  • This is one of the best way to increase the Firefox Browser speed, Just Use the Fastfox add-on.

Speed up Firefox Step 4: Disable unwanted Add-on

  • Disable unwanted Add-ons in your Firefox browser to increase speed.

At last, After finishing all these steps, restart your browser or even the system which will make a fresh opening to your system and the browser. Hope, these steps will help you to increase your browsing fast and after applying all these changes you will experience a drastic change in your browsing speed.


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