Best Websites to Read Comics Online For Free

InternetBest Websites to Read Comics Online For Free

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Being a comic book junkie or a newcomer to the world of comics can bring a lot of entertainment, but it doesn’t come cheap. The huge impact which Marvel and DC comic characters created in the cinematic experience has boosted the comic book industry. As the movie or TV Show on the comic book characters doesn’t cover the complete story, curiosity tends even the regular cinema lovers to approach the comics.

Ever since the digital format took over, there is an increasing trend in the usage of digital mediums for reading like Kindle, iPad, etc., and Digital Libraries have taken over the regular libraries. This pushed most top comic book publishers to provide comic books in digital format like Marvel Unlimited, DC Universe Infinite, etc.,

Best Websites to Read Comics Online

In this article, we will list some of the popular websites where you can read comics for free. These are only 5 of the hundreds of sites out there but you can check out the ones that work for you.



GetComics is one of the popular destinations for comic books enthusiast. This is a comic hub if you are a fan of both DC and Marvel comics. This website also has comics from other popular comic book publishers like Dark Horse, IDW, Valiant, Image, etc. Though this website does not update with recent and new comic collections periodically, still, there is a lot to explore if you are a comic geek.

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Users can both read and download comics from GetComics without registration. So, you don’t have to bother about providing your personal information.



GoComics claims to be the site for online classic strips. If you are not into superheroes and your interest lies in politics, relationships, humor, and other genres of comics, GoComics is your destination. Here the comics are not narrative and are short readable comics.

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GoComics has both paid and free subscriptions. To access the free subscription, you have to sign up for a free account.



ViewComic is another interesting site for comic lovers. Though the interface of the website is not pleasing, still it has a great collection of comics from leading Comic Book publishers including DC and Marvel.


Users can read the comics online for free in high quality despite its bad interface. But this is the best you can get and you can’t complain because its free.

Read Comic Online


Read Comic Online is considered one of the best websites to read comics online for free. The capturing visuals of this site’s interface are great. There are lots of popular comic books here which are quite hard to find on other websites. Users can access it feasibly and can make the most from this site.

Read Comic Online

Outside of the major players like Marvel, DC & Star Wars, you will find so many individual indie comic books on this site. If you are an enthusiast, this is the place to go.

Comics Codes


Comics Codes is another popular site for free comics. The drawback here is, that it doesn’t support online reading. We can read only after download. This site has access to the latest multiple comics authored by different publishers.

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Comics Code

Comic Codes provide all New Comics released every week on high-speed file hosts ( ZIPPYSHARE, MEGA, MEDIAFIRE, etc). It is a non-profit-making site that runs on donations provided by serious comic lovers. This site also maintains a checklist of the latest issues in comics from both Marvel and DC. [Internet Archive]


Internet Archive has more than 90,000 collections of comic books and graphic novels. The comics are grouped based on the banner from which it was created. It is the storehouse for most of the classic comic collections. Users can filter comics based on genre, tags, topics, etc. 

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We can both read online and download from the Internet Archive. You can download the comic books as a PDF, EPUB, Kindle, or Torrent.

There are many more web platforms to access Comic Books. Listed above are some of the most popular websites in circulation in the comic geek community. These websites can hook up even regular readers with their stunning visuals.

The best thing to keep in mind about these websites is they are free and can be accessed anytime, anywhere without any difficulties. Hope you guys have a wonderful time exploring the comic world.

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