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Yahoo is the multinational technology American Company that is internationally known for its Yahoo-branded and non-Yahoo branded services, such as web-based search engine, webmail, online mapping, video hosting and image hosting, a micro-blogging platform, advertising, Internet radio, e-commerce, web portal, audio player, weblog software, widget engine etc.

  • Industry: The Internet, Computer software
  • Founded: January 1994
  • Founder(s): David Filo, Jerry Yang
  • Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California, USA
  • Website:

Yahoo History

Yahoo is the subsidiary of the Verizon Communications that was founded by David Filo and Jerry Yang in Jan. 1994. The Company started operating from the 2nd of March 1995. Yahoo is known to be the pioneer of the ‘Internet Age.’ It has its headquarters in Sunnyvale in California. The former Google employee Marissa Mayer was the President and CEO of Yahoo until June 2017.

David Filo and Jerry Yang were the engineering electrical students at the Stanford University when the website known as ‘Jerry and  David’s Guide for World Wide Web’ was created by them. It was not a searchable site but a directory of various websites. This website was renamed as Yahoo later. The creation of ‘’ took place on the 18th of Jan. 1995. The word ‘Yahoo’ has been derived from the acronym, ‘Yet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle.’

The growth of Yahoo was rapid through the 1990s and in 1998 a web portal was added to it. Yahoo made high-profile acquisitions and the stock price of this website soared high during the dot-com bubble.

More about Yahoo

According to Similar Web and Alexa (3rd party web analytics service provider), Yahoo is the highest read news website. As of 2016 it had more than seven billion views every month and was the sixth most globally visited website.

Yahoo was popular for its web portal that offered entertainment, latest news, sports information and access to the various services of Yahoo!Inc. The email service of Yahoo provided unlimited storage. Yahoo was popular as it provided networking services and products, like Yahoo Personals, My Web, Delicious, Yahoo 360°, etc. Yahoo has formed a partnership with many service providers, such as Yahoo Movies, Yahoo News, Yahoo Games, Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Shopping, Yahoo Mobile etc.

Yahoo has acquired a total of 114 companies (as of July 2015) and its first acquisition was Net Controls, which is a web-based search engine Company. Out of all the acquisitions of Yahoo 78 companies are based in the USA and 15 are in foreign countries.

The largest acquisition of the Company is, which is an Internet Radio Company. It acquired this Company on the 1st of April, 1999. Some of the other acquisitions of Yahoo!Inc.  are Sportasy, Webcal, Yoyodyne,, MyQuest and more. As of the month of July 2015, Polyvore is the last acquisition of Yahoo!Inc.

The popularity of Yahoo declined in late 2000 when Verizon Communications declared on the 21st Feb. 2017 to acquire the Internet business of Yahoo. Before the transaction, the name of Yahoo was changed to Altaba Inc. Verizon Communications acquired the Internet business of Yahoo!Inc. in 2017. Verizon Communications announced that the assets of Yahoo!Inc would be under the new subsidiary named ‘Oath.’

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