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Anime is definitely one of the most watched video content across the world. With followers in every nook and corner of the planet, access to them at some part could get limited. But, there is no need to worry, there are thousands of websites that offer a free download of your favorite anime Movies and Videos. You can also find my previous post on Anime Maker – Make Anime of Yourself.

Free Anime Download Websites 2019 List

In this space, I’m listing top 20 web platforms from where you can download anime on any device of your preference. We are ranking these websites based on their Global website ranking (Alexa.com) and based on the Anime popularity, Download and Watch these Animes in Mobile Phones and PC for Free. Never miss on entertaining yourself and your friend with Anime. Here we go!

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20 Websites to Download Anime Movies

1. Go Go Animes

Go Go Animes features one of the largest collections of anime for streaming and download. From classic to the latest, dubbed, one can find almost all kinds of anime genres on Go Go Animes.

Website – https://gogoanimes.co
Global Alexa Ranking – 1,474
Daily Unique Visitors – 156,578
Daily unique Page Views – 697,316

2. Kiss Anime AC

Kiss Anime AC is a anime content search engine that features some of the most popular platforms to download or stream anime movies, tv series, etc.

Website – https://kissanime.ac/
Global Alexa Ranking – 1,898
Daily Unique Visitors – 90,719
Daily unique Page Views – 529,159

3. 9 Anime

Much like Go Go Anime, 9 Anime houses a wide range of anime content for streaming as well as for downloading. The platform features episodes, movies, games and much more.

Website – https://www2.9anime.to
Global Alexa Ranking – 2,418
Daily Unique Visitors – 110,274
Daily unique Page Views – 413,447

4. Masterani

The best part of Masterani as an anime streaming and downloading website is that it interfaces is simple. With over tens and thousands of anime movies and tv series, it is a must visit for all anime aficionados.

Website – https://www.masterani.me/
Global Alexa Ranking – 2,343
Daily Unique Visitors – 95,591
Daily unique Page Views – 454,098

5. Anime Kaizoku

Anime Kaizoku is one of the best places to download anime if you seek variety. This site hosts all kinds of anime content from movies, tv series, cartoons etc from a wide range of genres. They also feature good anime games as well.

Website – https://animekaizoku.com
Global Alexa Ranking – 30,567
Daily Unique Visitors – 8,835
Daily unique Page Views – 34,076

6. Anime Ultima

Anime Ultima is an anime downloading platform and is known for latest TV series and their episodes.

Website – https://www9.animeultima.eu
Global Alexa Ranking – 15,481
Daily Unique Visitors – 21,274
Daily unique Page Views – 33,447

7. Put Locker

Putlocker is an online streaming and download platform that houses popular movies, TV services, anime and much more. Animation, Drama, Biography, Adult, Crime, Family, Adventure, Comedy and almost every other genres are features on Putlocker.

Website – https://putlocker.kz/
Global Alexa Ranking – 42,784
Daily Unique Visitors – 6,486
Daily unique Page Views – 23,193

8. Anime Heaven Co

Anime Heaven Co, although is relatively a new player hosting anime content, the range of anime content it carries is impressive.

Website – https://animeheaven.co/
Global Alexa Ranking – 53,335
Daily Unique Visitors – 5,433
Daily unique Page Views – 21,442

9. Anime Simple

Anime Simple is another platform featuring downloadable anime content of TV series/episodes. It features both ongoing and completed TV series with an option of subbed and dubbed versions.

Website – https://ww1.animesimple.com/
Global Alexa Ranking – 219,179
Daily Unique Visitors – 913
Daily unique Page Views – 4,757

10. Anime Kayo

Anime Kayo offers a very simple yet effective interface for easy downloads of anime TV series and movies. Additionally, it also features Manga, soundtracks, news, games and much more.

Website – https://animekayo.com/
Global Alexa Ranking – 385,855
Daily Unique Visitors – 1003
Daily unique Page Views – 2907

11. Anime Heros

Anime Heros allows both streaming and downloading options of its featured anime content. One can find a wide range of TV series and movies on Anime Heros.

Website – https://animeheros.com
Global Alexa Ranking – 349,804
Daily Unique Visitors – 603
Daily unique Page Views – 2,737

12. Noobsubs

Noobsubs although has relatively less amount of anime content for downloads, they do features some of the latest ones. A must try for all those who couldn’t download your favourite on other platforms.

Website – https://noobsubs.net/
Global Alexa Ranking – 690,483
Daily Unique Visitors – 1432
Daily unique Page Views – 3,036

13. Soul Anime

For easy downloads of latest anime tv series like Hulaing babies, Virtual San Wa Miteriu, Yogioh Vrains etc, Soul Anime is the place to be on.
Website – http://www10.soul-anime.us
Global Alexa Ranking – 9,544
Daily Unique Visitors – 23,168
Daily unique Page Views – 103,296

14. Kiss Anime

Kiss Anime features popular anime TV services, movies and games across genres. The website features both dubbed and non-dubbed versions of its content.

Website – https://kiss-anime.club
Global Alexa Ranking – 85,815
Daily Unique Visitors – 2,463
Daily unique Page Views – 14,211

15. Chauthanh

One can download latest anime drama, movies, OST etc on Chauthanh for free. The platform also features a very active forum for every anime fan to participate.

Website – https://chauthanh.info
Global Alexa Ranking – 685,446
Daily Unique Visitors – 489
Daily unique Page Views – 1,466

16. Mega Box Office

Mega Box Office is an online streaming and download platform that in addition to anime features, latest and classic movies and TV series.

Website – https://mega-boxoffice.com/
Global Alexa Ranking – 408,042
Daily Unique Visitors – 1,257
Daily unique Page Views – 2,346

17. Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven features some of the top Anime series with almost all latest episodes for streaming. Never miss a thing when Anime Heaven is by your side.

Website – https://animeheaven.in
Global Alexa Ranking – 386,311
Daily Unique Visitors – 747
Daily unique Page Views – 2,979

18. Kuroani

Kuroani although comparatively is a new platform to stream anime series, it boasts to house some of the famous and latest tv series.

Website – https://kuroani.me
Global Alexa Ranking – 687,820
Daily Unique Visitors – 420
Daily unique Page Views – 1,803

19. Phantom Anime

Phantom Anime features some of the most popular anime TV series. Some of the popular anime series include – One Punch Man, The Devil is a Part Timer, Boruto Naruto and more.

Website – https://phantomanime.com
Global Alexa Ranking – 544,837
Daily Unique Visitors – 550
Daily unique Page Views – 1,572

20. Anime Stuck

On Anime Stuck, in addition, to watch or download already uploaded anime content, you can also stream and watch live anime videos, tv series and movies per a prescribed schedule.

Website – https://animestuck.me
Global Alexa Ranking – 764,837
Daily Unique Visitors – 322
Daily unique Page Views – 1,379

Here ends the big list of Anime download sites, feel free to comment below your queries and let us know any other best Anime sites you know.


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