30 Best Anime Websites to Download and Watch Anime Online

Internet30 Best Anime Websites to Download and Watch Anime Online

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Anime is definitely one of the most-watched video content across the world. With followers in every nook and corner of the planet, access to them at some part could get limited. Anime has boomed in popularity with the rise in online streaming services and platforms. People are discovering this creative form of art, animation, storytelling, and music. But, there is no need to worry, there are thousands of websites that offer a free download of your favorite anime Movies and Videos in 2023.

Even though Anime is worth all the time, Finding good sources to actually download and watch them can be super exhausting. Nobody really knows the best sites to download anime from. There are a lot of sources to download but it can get super confusing. I don’t want you all to go deep in google search and get exhausted at the end.

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Free Anime Download Websites 2023 List

30 Legal websites to Watch and Download Anime with Ratings!

Amazon Prime Video7/10primevideo.com
Crunchyroll MangaN/Amanga.crunchyroll.com

In this space, I’m listing the top 20 web platforms from where you can download anime on any device of your preference. We are ranking these websites based on their Global website ranking (Alexa.com) and based on the Anime popularity, Download and Watch these Anime on Mobile Phones and PC for Free. Never miss out on entertaining yourself and your friend with Anime. Here we go!

Here’s a list of 10 websites where you could download Anime from.

1. Chauthanh.info

Chauthanh is without a doubt the most amazing website to download anime series. The site lists are based on how recent they are. Also, the list of the Ongoing Anime on the side is super helpful if you are new to this whole genre

The site has a modern design and a user-friendly interface that are simple to use and makes downloading easy.

The website is super easy to use and you can easily search for anime videos easily the site is well known for HD Quality print. All the anime is available for download in MKV Format and the finest print to watch the best possible version of anime videos.

2. Animeheaven

If you are an anime fan, there’s a good chance that you already know this website because it’s one of the most famous ones. If you haven’t heard of this before, you are most definitely welcome.

The site contains some pop-up advertisements but then it’s the cost of getting anime content for free. Better to use an ad blocker. The best thing is you can download anime content for free without even having to register a user account. It also offers a premium viewing experience to its users and all the anime series are well categorized.

The site has a collection full of both old and new anime content which lets you find various genres here including the dubbed and subbed versions. As always super easy to download and save them.

3. Animeland

This is another really good source to get dubbed anime series and download them in the best HD quality possible. All you have to do is open the anime, start playing and then right-click on the video, and choose to save the video on whatever device you are accessing.

Compared to other sites in the list, this site shows the least amount of advertisements. This site is not a haven for just anime series but for a good amount of anime movies as well.

4. GoGoAnime.io

GoGoAnime is a collection of the latest anime videos that you would like and enjoy very much. you could easily select subtitles, resolutions, and as well as dubbing options in the anime video content. This website probably has the best well-organized structure in terms of its guide. This makes it super easy for the user to actually go through and make the most of it.

This is a great source to watch anime in English also if you want to test your Japanese skills by watching anime, this is the best place for you. Why wait then?

For easy access, GoGoAnime has done a good job of dividing their anime series into different sections and categories.

5. 9anime.to

9anime.to is another great source to download high-quality dubbed anime series for your anime diet. The site is super reliable and does its job of providing good content very well.

9anime allows the users to download in various video qualities like HD, Rip, TS, CAM, etc., While downloading you could choose what type of file you would like to download and it works seamlessly.

9anime has a very effective search feature that works very well and one more thing that you have to keep in mind is that site doesn’t allow you to download content in bulk for obvious reasons.

6. Chia-anime

This will be super hard to believe because this site updates new content every single hour. The collection is way more than what you would ever watch in your lifetime. The site is super effective which makes it even more reliable than any other site so that your download is very fast and error-free as well.

It’s also super easy to download this by accessing the Download button which will take you to the download page from there as the default option in all browsers, you can easily right-click and choose Save Link as which would let you save the video on your local device.

The amazing anime video content is updated on this site way faster than any other site that I have listed above and below and the updating frequency is also very fast.

7. Anime Freak

You will find tons of the latest anime episodes by visiting this website. It has the genuine and best quality of animes and that is the foremost reason why this is the site to be counted as famous anime downloading website list.

You can put multiple anime episodes/series on download and it will keep on streaming as per their stream speed. The unique thing about Anime Freak is that it separates the site by putting multiple tags such as ongoing and completed.

8. Animetosho.org

Even though we might hesitate to admit it but we all love downloading stuff in bulk. So, If you want to download anime series in huge loads of bulk then you are in the right place my friend. The unique thing about this site is that it has its own forum with the community which lets you discuss the above anime and understand recommendations and many more.

Also, Animetosho has the ugliest site of all the others on this list. Its User interface is HORRIBLE but it works just fine. See for yourself.


The biggest advantage of a forum is that it allows you to engage with other members and share your concerns there, which makes it popular in comparison to other websites.

It is a torrent anime aggregator which helps you to download good quality animes without having any glitch at all.

9. Kissanime.ru

If you are an anime lover, you should know about this site without fail. It consists of a wide range of anime series. You can both download as well as stream anime series on this site in a quality range that goes from 240p to 1080p.

Go to the Anime Series section by choosing in the menu section above.

One big disadvantage of this site is that it doesn’t work well on mini browsers. The best way to use this site is to enjoy downloading via a Web Browser. It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t open in mobile browsers at all, it’s just that it’s not very effective to download that way.

This site is not just for downloading but also for streaming them in the best way possible. It is easy to stream anime videos and watch the various drama on the website, it’s just the site does not work for browsers like UC and Opera Mini.

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10. Animeout.xyz

It is by far the simplest website in this list that lets you stream and download anime for free and with no money at all. This Japanese animation media website for anime viewers does its job of helping people download the anime series they want very well.

Proper feature images are there for each and every anime series which kind of gives you the impression that it’s a legit website which I’m not sure it is. Whatever it is, you can stream and download anime series very well in this site. The good thing about preferring this website to download anime is that it will keep on downloading the series and also stream at the same time.

Animeout.xyz has a superior database that helps to operate the site easily and all the content you download.

We hope these sites help you very well to download and stream the content you want.

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List of Legal Anime Streaming Sites

  1. Crunchyroll: With a massive library of over 1,000 anime titles and manga, Crunchyroll is one of the most popular legal anime streaming websites out there. You can watch anime in HD quality with subtitles and dubbing.
  2. Funimation: A leading distributor of anime and other entertainment content, Funimation offers a wide range of popular anime titles with English dubbing. You can watch anime on this platform for free with ads or get a premium membership to access additional content.
  3. Netflix: The popular streaming platform offers a growing library of anime titles, including original content. You can watch anime in multiple languages with subtitles and dubbing, with the option to download episodes for offline viewing.
  4. Hulu: The American streaming platform offers a variety of anime titles, including simulcasts of popular shows in Japan. You can watch anime with commercials for free or subscribe to Hulu’s ad-free plan for uninterrupted streaming.
  5. Amazon Prime Video: The popular e-commerce platform’s streaming service offers a growing selection of anime titles, including some exclusive content.
  6. VRV: An American-based streaming service that offers a curated selection of anime, animation, and gaming content. You can access anime titles from multiple networks on this platform, with the option to watch ad-free and download episodes.
  7. HiDive: A legal streaming service that specializes in anime and Asian dramas, HiDive offers a variety of anime titles with English subtitles and dubbing. You can watch anime on this platform for free with ads or get a premium membership for more content.
  8. AnimeLab: The official anime streaming service for Australia and New Zealand, AnimeLab offers a large selection of anime titles, including simulcasts from Japan. You can watch anime on this platform with subtitles and dubbing, with the option to download episodes.
  9. Tubi: A free streaming service that offers a variety of anime titles, Tubi features popular shows from Japan with subtitles and dubbing. You can watch anime on this platform with ads or access ad-free streaming with a premium subscription.
  10. Anime-Planet: A legal anime streaming platform that offers a growing library of anime titles, Anime-Planet allows you to watch anime for free with ads. You can also create a watchlist and rate anime titles to get personalized recommendations.

Bonus 20 more Websites to Download Anime Movies

1. Go Go Animes

Go Go Animes features one of the largest collections of anime for streaming and download. From classic to the latest, dubbed, one can find almost all kinds of anime genres on Go Go Animes.

Website – https://gogoanimes.co

2. Kiss Anime AC

Kiss Anime AC is an anime content search engine that features some of the most popular platforms to download or stream anime movies, tv series, etc.

Website – https://kissanime.ac/

3. 9 Anime

Much like Go Go Anime, 9 Anime houses a wide range of anime content for streaming as well as for downloading. The platform features episodes, movies, games and much more.

Website – https://www2.9anime.to

4. Masterani

The best part of Masterani as an anime streaming and downloading website is that it interfaces is simple. With tens and thousands of anime movies and tv series, it is a must visit for all anime aficionados.

Website – https://www.masterani.me/

5. Anime Kaizoku

Anime Kaizoku is one of the best places to download anime if you seek variety. This site hosts all kinds of anime content from movies, tv series, cartoons etc from a wide range of genres. They also feature good anime games as well.

Website – https://animekaizoku.com

6. Anime Ultima

Anime Ultima is an anime downloading platform and is known for latest TV series and their episodes.

Website – https://www9.animeultima.eu

7. Put Locker

Putlocker is an online streaming and download platform that houses popular movies, TV services, anime, and much more. Animation, Drama, Biography, Adult, Crime, Family, Adventure, Comedy and almost every other genre are features on Putlocker.

Website – https://putlocker.kz/

8. Anime Heaven Co

Anime Heaven Co, although is relatively a new player hosting anime content, the range of anime content it carries is impressive.

Website – https://animeheaven.co/

9. Anime Simple

Anime Simple is another platform featuring downloadable anime content of TV series/episodes. It features both ongoing and completed TV series with an option of subbed and dubbed versions.

Website – https://ww1.animesimple.com/

10. Anime Kayo

Anime Kayo offers a very simple yet effective interface for easy downloads of anime TV series and movies. Additionally, it also features Manga, soundtracks, news, games, and much more.

Website – https://animekayo.com/

11. Anime Heros

Anime Heros allows both streaming and downloading options of its featured anime content. One can find a wide range of TV series and movies on Anime Heros.

Website – https://animeheros.com

12. Noobsubs

Noobsubs although has relatively less amount of anime content for downloads, they do features some of the latest ones. A must-try for all those who couldn’t download your favorite on other platforms.

Website – https://noobsubs.net/

13. Soul Anime

For easy downloads of the latest anime tv series like Hulaing babies, Virtual San Wa Miteriu, Yugioh Vrains etc, Soul Anime is the place to be on.

Website – http://www10.soul-anime.us

14. Kiss Anime

Kiss Anime features popular anime TV services, movies, and games across genres. The website features both dubbed and non-dubbed versions of its content.

Website – https://kiss-anime.club

15. Chauthanh

One can download the latest anime drama, movies, OST, etc on Chauthanh for free. The platform also features a very active forum for every anime fan to participate.

Website – https://chauthanh.info

16. Mega Box Office

Mega Box Office is an online streaming and download platform that in addition to anime features, the latest and classic movies, and TV series.

Website – https://mega-boxoffice.com/

17. Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven features some of the top Anime series with almost all the latest episodes for streaming. Never miss a thing when Anime Heaven is by your side.

Website – https://animeheaven.in

18. Kuroani

Kuroani although comparatively a new platform to stream anime series, it boasts to house some of the famous and latest tv series.

Website – https://kuroani.me

19. Phantom Anime

Phantom Anime features some of the most popular anime TV series. Some of the popular anime series include – One Punch Man, The Devil is a Part Timer, Boruto Naruto, and more.

Website – https://phantomanime.com

20. Anime Stuck

On Anime Stuck, in addition, to watching or downloading already uploaded anime content, you can also stream and watch live anime videos, tv-series, and movies per a prescribed schedule.

Website – https://animestuck.me

Here ends the big list of Anime download sites, feel free to comment below your queries and let us know any other best Anime sites you know.

Disclaimer to Watch Anime Online for free

It is generally not legal to download anime from the internet without permission from the copyright holder. I recommend watching anime through official and legal sources such as streaming services like Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu, which have a wide selection of anime that is licensed for distribution in your region.

If you want to watch anime for free, there are some legitimate options that allow you to do so. For example, some anime series are available on free streaming platforms like Tubi and Crunchyroll free tier. Some public libraries also offer streaming services that include anime, so you may be able to borrow anime through your library’s website.

I do not recommend downloading anime from websites that offer pirated content, as it is illegal, and supporting such websites can harm the creators and industry. It is also important to note that downloading pirated content can be a security risk, as it can expose your device to malware and other threats.

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