26 Websites to try when you are Bored [2022]

Internet26 Websites to try when you are Bored

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Best Boredom Buster Websites on the Internet 2022

Getting Bored is the Big thing to worry. Playing Games, Social networks, Watching Movies, Chatting with friends will help you for some time but even there are sometimes you may get bored worse, You may Pluck your hairs sitting in front of your PC and bored at work, Don worry. Just check these sites below, or you can check my previous posts on 29 Useless websites.

  1. Sand Drawing - Just Draw in Sand.
  2. The useless web - Get More Useless Websites from here
  3. I need a prompt - Idea Generator.
  4. Lizard point - Browser-based activities for fun and learning
  5. Hacker Typer - Just Become Hacker and fool your friends by pressing Keys.
  6. On Readz - Free e-Books here.
  7. Staggering Beauty - Check some worm dance with your mouse (18+)
  8. Cant not tweet this - Try this Tweeps!
  9. Thats the finger - Oops, Don't Move the arrow Upwards!
  10. Try PAP - Try this Passive Aggressive Password Machine.
  11. rrrgggbbb - rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
  12. Find the invisible cow - Find the Invisible Cow here.
  13. Ducks are the best - Ducks are the Best!
  14. F my life - Your Everyday Life Stories.
  15. Dont even reply - Don't Even Reply 😛
  16. Booh bah - No words, Just check this
  17. Astronomy Picz - Space Photographs - Just Amazing!
  18. Music theory - Learn the music language
  19. Sleepy ti - Calculate your good night sleep time.
  20. Qwiki - Turns your Pics and Videos into Movies Automatically.
  21. Sporcle - Here are the Brain Games.
  22. Flash by night - Collection of Funny Games
  23. Party cloud - You are the DJ here.
  24. Rainy mood - Listen to Rain.
  25. Do i have a dead pixel - Check dead pixels
  26. Taste kid - Know about your Tastes.

Here ends the list top 26 Bored websites, you can also give your suggestion in comments.


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