How to Recover Gmail Password

Recovering Gmail password is harder than storing your Gmail password in some personal doc or secret notes. Now imagine that you wake up one day and try to login into your Gmail account and it says “Wrong password!”. That would be very unfortunate. In this article, you will be introduced to an easy way of recovering your Gmail password in case you have forgotten your password. This method can also be used if your account has been hacked and its password has been changed.

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Recovering Forgotten Gmail Password [2020]

If you have access to your account on different devices or if you remember even the most mundane detail of your Gmail account, you can recover your Gmail password easily. The process is even easier if you have registered a phone number with Google. Anyways, here is a step-by-step guide to recover your Gmail password in seconds. I hope you find it helpful. But still, Gmail is secured in a way not get easily hacked, hence question to recover Gmail password will still be little tough. try to think and answer.

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1. Visit the Google Account Recovery Page

This is the first step to recovering Gmail password, for the sole purpose of recovering accounts, Google has a page called the Google Account Recovery. Here’s the link for your convenience:


Google will then ask you to enter your email address. If you have forgotten even that, don’t feel crestfallen. Click on “Find my account” and enter the recovery phone number or recovery email address. If the phone number or the recovery mail is correct then cool, your Gmail account is back. Type new Gmail password and this time keep it safe. If not follow the next step to recover your Gmail password.

2. Answer Google’s Questions

In order to confirm that the particular account belongs to you, Google will ask you a series of questions. All you have to do is to answer the questions sincerely. If you can’t answer a particular question, click on the “Try a different question” button.

Depending on whether Google could be satisfied that the account belonged to you, it will either reset your password or tell you to restart the process. In the later case, the chances of recovering your account are quite low, unfortunately. Below is the Instruction from Google to recover Gmail

Here are some of the questions, Google may ask you:

  • Enter an earlier password that you remember.
  • Get a prompt on a device which is logged into your account and click yes to sign in.
  • Get a verification message or voice call on your registered phone.
  • Get a verification email on a registered email address.
  • The month and year you created your Gmail account.

Whether you plan to forget your password someday or have already forgotten it, forgetting your password is a rite of passage you must face. If ever you forget your password, this article is going to be the most vital help.

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      Follow the above mentioned steps to recover Gmail account.

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      Did you try the above-mentioned tips to recover Gmail password?

    1. ThomasAndrows

      Hey Aneeka, did you tried above-mentioned steps to recover Gmail password account?

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      Just follow the steps given above to recover your Gmail account.

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