10 Most watched YouTube Videos of 2016

Internet10 Most watched YouTube Videos of 2016

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List of Most viewed YouTube Videos of 2016

The time has come when the year 2016 will officially end and remain only in the books. The best way to celebrate the new year would be to remember what moments were the funniest; which were the most significant; which were the most touching. The best way to do this would be to take a look back at YouTube. So here we are with the most watched videos on YouTube of 2016.

10. Channing Tatum In a Lip Sync Battle (5M Views)

Channing Tatum is an American actor, dancer, and former stripper. And in this video, you can find Beyonce as well. The video gets really interesting when she shows up.

 9. Brothers Convincing Their Anesthetic Sister That The Zombie Apocalypse Is Happening (22M views)

The idea came from movies, like the “Resident Evil”, where the world is overrun by zombies! This was on of the most elaborate candy-cam joke of the year 2016. Her brothers took advantage of the fact that she was still anesthetic and made her believe that the world is overrun by zombies. What happened next is left for you to see.


8. Casey Neistat’s Ride (28M Views)

You may recognize the guy; he makes extreme sports videos. In this video, he was featured taking a flight, from Dubai to New York, in a $21,000 first class airplane seat. In this video, he explains the entire journey and his experience. This video was part of a commercial he did for the sports company Nike.

7. John Oliver on Donald Trump (31M Views)

John Oliver is an excellent British journalist-comedian. He was featured in this video, talking about Donald Trump, nine months before the election took place. He referred to Trump as a “back mole”. Whatever your political views may be, you got to give John some credit for predicting the future.


6. Sync Bottle Flip (46M Views)

Dude Perfect is an American sports entertainment group based on YouTube. In this video, you will see the bros from Dude Perfect doing water bottle flips in a sync, taking the challenge to the extreme point. This video will make you laugh your teeth out.


5. Grace Vanderwaal’s Performance On America’s Got Talent (48M Views)

I really love the show. It’s one of the few things which surprise me. Till date, no one has made out of this heart-touching video without having an urge to cry. This video features 12-year-old Grace Vanderwaal with her awesome performance with a musical instrument known as the ukulele.



4. The Switch (58M Views)

 The Switch is Nike’s short video featuring football player Cristiano Ronaldo. Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo collides with a fan and when they wake up, they have switched personalities. This five-minute commercial is filled with entertainment.


3. Inside a Rattlesnake’s Tail (61M Views)

 Dan Markham and his son Lincoln Markham explore, practically, the thing inside a rattlesnake’s tail which makes it rattle.


2. Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen (104M Views)

This video features a guy saying the tongue-twister, “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen”, really fast! The video is actually a song about the conversation between a pen, a pineapple, and an apple.

1. Carpool Karaoke (142M Views)

 Now, it’s the time to introduce you to the most-watched video of the year 2016! This video features Adele and James Corden. The video is fun and jolly. Adele shares some of her moments. Altogether, you will miss the 14 minutes once you have finished watching this video.

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