YouTube Alternatives 2020 (10 Best Video Sharing Sites)

InternetYouTube Alternatives 2020 (10 Best Video Sharing Sites)

Youtube is the largest video sharing platform on this earth, but it doesn’t seem it is the best. After Youtube updated its guideline without any prior notices, it suspended hundreds of channels and now they are not getting their channel back in any condition, now many users are finding a better Youtube alternative and that’s why I ranked some of the best Youtube alternatives which are the top Video sharing sites next to YouTube.

Top YouTube Alternatives and Video Sharing Websites 2020

Based on Number of visits, popularity and User experience, below is the list of Top 10 Alternatives to YouTube based on the User experience, website global ranking and the service they provide. 

1. Daily Motion


Daily Motion is one of the most popular and the best video sharing platform after Youtube. The interface is something like Youtube. Dailymotion’s copyright policies are not as harsh as Youtube; you can post whatever you want. But it has some cons also as HD uploads are only limited to pro users, video length is limited to 60 minutes, not as much popular in the US as in Europe and at last some videos may be pirated. It is available for Windows, Android, web, and iOS.

2. Vimeo


Vimeo is a place where most of the creators are related to music, entertainment, snapshots and more stuffs. Ad-free browsing, high definition videos, great analytics tools and a customizable video player make it unique. It generates revenue by the contribution of creators, paywalls. Moreover, it has cons like it has a weekly upload limit of only 500MB and upgradable till 5GB and the revenue sharing is not that good; i.e. either you can use a “Tip Jar” or “Paywall”.

3. Metacafe


If you are in a search of short-video sharing platform then Metacafe is the best available place for you. Metacafe features no age restriction, average video length is 90 seconds and your videos can even get $5/1000 view. The best thing I like on Metacafe is there is too much less crap and non-sense videos as compared to Youtube. Now, if we discuss its cons then your videos need a minimum 20k view to be monetized.

4. Dtube


Dtube is another best alternative to Youtube if you are comfortable with crypto as it pays in “STEEM”. The interface is almost the clone of Youtube, but unlike Youtube it is ad-free and infact you just need to upload your video and that’s it. You will be paid for uploading videos as well as for posting good comments. The only disadvantage of using Dtube is there are not enough videos on the platform as compared to other video sharing websites.



If are interested in better streaming service on phone then IGTV may be useful for you. IGTV is the fastest rising video streaming service as Instagram reached 1 Billion active users. The UI is simple and classy. It is a better platform for new users and there is no need to any signup; you can directly post by your Instagram account. The cons are it is only limited for portrait mode, monetization absent, video length limited to one hour and the analytics are not much better than others.

6. 9GAG TV


If you are on the way finding a video sharing portal for pure entertainment then 9GAG TV is available for you. The majority of the content is funny videos, chats, photos and movie trailers. Well if you are finding the extreme level then you can browse “WOW” and “WTF” sections.

I can’t find any disadvantages of 9GAG except it is highly addictive.

7. Twitch

Are you a gamer and finding a platform exclusively for games? If yes, then Twitch is the right place for you. Twitch provides you ad-free browsing, live broadcasting. You can also make some revenue from the donation, in fact it is far better than Youtube gaming.

The cons include fewer payouts than Youtube, streaming is a little bit slow as compared to other websites and you can’t rewind any video.

8. Veoh


Veoh is also a great alternative to Youtube. The features include a clean interface, good range of social features available to share your videos and videos of any length can be uploaded on Veoh. If we talk about the cons of Veoh then I got one i.e., the search is not that pleasant than other streaming services.

9. Vevo


After browsing all these stuff, I think you are a music lover; If yes, then you should not go far than Vevo. You can watch official music videos of global bands and artists. The user interface is much better than Youtube and the best part is you will never go through any promotional content and most of the videos are in HD.

There is only single weird stuff on Vevo i.e., you can’t upload your own videos unless you are much popular.

10. Internet Archive


The Internet archive is actually is a non-profit digital library of websites, and stuffs. Among all the stuff you can find more than four million videos on IA. The video player is JS based. You can find almost everything on the internet archive.

Best YouTube Alternatives 2020

These are the top Alternatives for YouTube we gave you, If you could find any other website, please let us know in the comment section.

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