Top 27 YouTube Alternative Apps and Websites – 2022

InternetTop 27 YouTube Alternative Apps and Websites - 2022

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  • Best YouTube Alternative apps and Website
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  • There are Apps and websites like YouTube listed here with No Ads.
  • Some YouTube Alternatives mentioned here are Paid but worth the money.

Gonna binge-watch all my favorite shows and video, wait! YouTube again? Isn’t there any other video streaming site that can be used as an alternative to YouTube?

YouTube Alternative Apps and Websites

YouTube has garnered much recognition because it is the most popular video site. Users can see and enjoy millions of pieces of material on it. The site is really simple to go to; you must open it in a new tab in your browser and then head there. This post will show you different alternative apps for YouTube.

  1. YouTube Alternatives for Android and iOS
  2. Websites like YouTube
  3. YouTube Apps for Windows 11

1. YouTube Alternative Apps

Of course, there is. No matter where you live or what content you like to watch, there are many alternatives to YouTube that everyone can use and enjoy. Check out these 25 crazy video streaming platforms which go hand-in-hand with the streaming giant, YouTube, and have enough features to even outperform it. We’ve tried to rank these apps/websites as accurately as we can, but the final verdict would be yours. So, here are the best alternatives to YouTube, currently, on the web.

1) Vimeo

Vimeo - YouTube Alternate app
Vimeo – YouTube Alternate app

There was a time when YouTube used to show us an ad even before starting the video. Have things evolved now? Well, yeah but just backward because instead of one, now we may even have to watch two ads in a row. what a pain! This isn’t the case with Vimeo. It lets the viewers watch their loved content with no ads at all. Furthermore, Vimeo is more of a professional platform, and therefore, the comment section is rather peaceful when compared to YouTube. On the other hand, has the most toxic comment sections of all time. Since Vimeo is less popular than Youtube, it also has fewer content-less videos than Youtube and provides only the great ones for you.

Vimeo for Android | Vimeo for iOS

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2) Instagram Reels:

Instagram - YouTube Alternate app
Instagram – YouTube Alternate app

Another feature of Instagram allows users to upload short videos of up to 30 seconds. It’s simple to use and the great content availability makes it super addictive. You’d keep scrolling for hours without even realizing. Despite being super cool, this feature missed the spot in the list because we already mentioned IGTV, another feature of Instagram, in the list and it wouldn’t be right to cover two spots with different features of the same app.

Instagram for Android | Instagram for iOS

3) TikTok

TikTok - YouTube Alternate app
TikTok – YouTube Alternate app

Who hasn’t heard the name? Maybe it’s the God of short video content and therefore has such a great userbase. We couldn’t recommend Tik Tok because it is banned by many countries because of security breaches and data theft.

TikTok for Android | TikTok for iPhone

4) Telegram

Telegram app
Telegram app

There’s a major reason why telegram has such a vast user base, other than its chatting features, i.e. you can find almost any movie, tv-show, web series, etc. on telegram. Yup, you read that right! This app is single-handedly challenging two giants simultaneously, WhatsApp and YouTube. Just search the name of any content you’d like to watch and you can get a completely separate channel, with well-arranged episodes for series too. You’ll probably find almost every single video or movie whatsoever. You can stream them online or even download them for absolutely free. Your ultimate destination for binge-watching is here.

Telegram For Android | Telegram for iOS

5) Netflix (Paid)

Entering the World of web series and TV shows, we’ve Netflix, probably the number one choice of almost everyone. The phrase ‘Netflix and chill’ is proven to be true by all such great web series, movies and TV shows that you can find over here.

Netflix - YouTube Alternative

You can find great hits from many other sites or producers in different languages and then comes Netflix’s original series, Woah…just get your popcorns ready. Netflix is really easy to use and the content you’d discover here would be too addictive to give up on.

Netflix for Android | Netflix for iOS

6) Disney+ (Paid)

Disney - YouTube Alternatives

Disney+ is the final destination to find all your favorite movies and TV shows from Disney, Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic, and Star Wars. The content you can get here has great quality and the app provides a seamless experience. For all those who are wondering where to find Disney movies and other content, this is the one for you. Though one of its major drawbacks is its limitation of content, it focuses on a particular niche and makes it easier for the viewers to decide what to watch and what to save for later. 

Disney+ for Android | Disney+ for iOS

7) Dailymotion


World’s second-largest video streaming platform and a better alternative to YouTube, Dailymotion allows you to watch videos in 4k/2160p and provides high frame rates along with 360° videos. Dailymotion’s layout and the user interface are far much more superior to Youtube and you too can feel it once you start using it. Just like Metacafe, Dailymotion too focuses on quality rather than quantity and therefore, brings you the best possible content with the least possible cringe, which can now be seen on YouTube in many videos…I miss those days when YouTube was better.

Dailymotion for AndroidDailymotion for iOS

8) Amazon Prime (Paid)

Prime video - YouTube Alternative app
Prime video – YouTube Alternative app

Amazon Prime is just another popular streaming platform that also offers great content. One can get addicted to its original series and movies. Amazon Prime is nowhere less than Netflix. It’s quite easy to use and gives some special events to its users too. You can even download episodes or movies in the app and watch them later. There’s nothing to complain about this app except for the fact that, just like Netflix, you’ve to pay for watching content here. But hey! The content they provide is worth paying for. 

Amazon Prime for AndroidAmazon Prime for iOS

9) MX Player

MX Player - YouTube Alternatives
MX Player – YouTube Alternatives

A few years back, when MX Player was just an offline video player, that too best in the market, we couldn’t wish for more and thought that it couldn’t get any better. And then, Bang! MX Player rolls out an update that lets you stream videos and TV shows online and even lets you download them. It too provides many of its original series and do you know what’s the best part? It provides most of its content for free a better free alternative to YouTube. Not satisfied yet? It even has the short video platform, ‘MX Takatak’…though I wouldn’t recommend it. MX Player would’ve been much higher on the list if it wasn’t for its annoying ads, but you can think of them as a price for the free content you get.

Mx Player for Android | Mx Player for iOS 

10) Newpipe 


Hands down, the best alternative to YouTube out there. Why, do you ask? Just think of Newpipe as YouTube, but better. It offers all the videos and shows available on YouTube, but with a feature that users miss the most on YouTube; you can download videos directly to your phone’s gallery in either video or audio format. Watched a video on YouTube and can’t save it to your phone? A new pipe would help:-) 

Already tested and used for quite some time by our team, Newpipe definitely deserves the top 10 spots on the list.

11) Metacafe 


Metacafe is yet another alternative to YouTube which, thankfully unlike Youtube, promotes quality over quantity. This has been a big issue with Youtube for quite some time now. The quality of their videos has been dropping, both in resolution and in actual entertaining content; there comes our savior, Metacafe. It provides and promotes videos that are unique in the genre or haven’t been uploaded by many users. It also lays emphasis on video resolution and offers the best one possible which, unfortunately, YouTube kills. 

Metacafe for Android

12) Crackle

Trust me, Crackle would’ve been much more famous if it wouldn’t changed its name so often that people just forgot about this awesome platform that provides streaming for free. Crackle brings a great variety of classic movies and TV shows for free, another reason for me to stay an introvert forever:-)

You do have to watch some ads while streaming, but that’s manageable considering the benefits that you get in return. There’s only a single problem, well it’s a big problem, Crackle is currently available only in the United States.

Crackle for Android | Crackle for iOS

13) Hulu (Paid)

Being a US-based premium streaming platform, Hulu provides live and on-demand TV shows and movies. Owned by Walt Disney Company, it provides its services in Japan and the US only. So what makes it different from other streaming platforms? It’s the fact that it focuses mainly on TV shows rather than movies and brings them to you almost instantly. But that doesn’t mean it can’t have some great movies. Hulu has also started producing its own series and they’ve pleased the audience quite well.

Hulu for Android | Hulu for iOS

14) IGTV

Instagram - YouTube Alternate app
Instagram – YouTube Alternate app

I doubt if anyone reading this article hasn’t heard about or used Instagram. Basically, IGTV is a feature of Instagram that lets you upload videos on Instagram which are longer than 1 minute. It’s a nice way of watching your favorite celeb content creator’s videos but it has a limitation of content which makes it a bit less appealing when compared to other platforms. You can watch the videos uploaded by others and kill some time with IGTV, Instagram is always a good replacement to YouTube if you are a mobile user.

15) Dtube

Despite being small when compared to YouTube, Dtube is well-known for its many features which Youtube audience can’t even think of. Dtube has no ads, well that’s already covered by Vimeo then what else is it good for? Dtube has no censorship. It means that people can upload almost any video until it’s too harmful or totally useless. This can be seen as a great boon or curse depending on your point of view. Besides, unlike Youtube which promotes its big creators regardless of what they upload, Dtube recommends and promotes videos based on the votes given by the Dtube community. This means any content which is liked the most by the people and gets more votes would be recommended to the viewers.

Dtube for Android

16) Cheddar 

Lately, there have been many fake news videos on YouTube that people have lost faith in it. This time, Cheddar saves the day. It’s an outstanding platform for anyone who loves to watch news videos. Cheddar feeds its viewers’ curiosity about what’s next with many original shows that cover great personalities. One can even get live news on Cheddar. Maybe we should suggest this to our fathers.

Cheddar for Android | Cheddar for iOS

17) Twitch (YouTube for Games)

For all of my gaming friends out there, behold your breaths for the ultimate gaming live streaming platform, Twitch. If you’ve been streaming live videos in the gaming genre, we’d recommend you to try Twitch and understand what wonders it can do for you. It’s the best platform for gamers and focuses mainly on gaming content. It might not be as big a platform as Youtube but Twitch completely outdoes YouTube in gaming live streaming. You can even watch gaming contests held by EA sports on Twitch.

Twitch for Android | Twitch for iOS

18) CuriosityStream

Not so famous yet entertaining, CuriosityStream offers video programming including documentaries, TV shows, and short videos to its subscribers. 

You can find many movies and series, including its originals too. It currently has approximately 20 million subscribers and serves in 175 countries. Though the content isn’t free, the great original series and movies on CuriosityStream make it worth paying for. 

CuriosityStream for Android | CuriosityStream for iOS

19) 9GAG

If you enjoy watching short videos then what choice do you have? YouTube has introduced YouTube shorts that have ‘content’ which, since you’re here, you’d like to avoid.

Try 9GAG tv, probably the best short video platform out there. You can find some of the greatest, darkest, and most hilarious short videos along with some crazy memes. Man, this app just keeps getting better and better. 

9GAG for Android | 9GAG for iOS

20) Behance

We all love art whether it’s a painting, a portrait, a sketch, animation, or whatever. You can find plenty of such artful videos on YouTube. Yet, YouTube isn’t perfect for art lovers particularly because it isn’t especially focused on it. Meet Behance, the absolute gem for all art lovers. Behance has such a wide range of artistic content that you’d never ever choose any other platform for art. Even if you’re a growing artist, it’d be much better for you to try your luck on Behance rather than Youtube because the audience on Behance, as well as Behance itself, focuses on and love art & artists. 

Behance for Android | Behance for iOS

2. Websites like YouTube 2022

Youtube is the largest video-sharing platform on this earth, but it doesn’t seem it is the best. After Youtube updated its guideline without any prior notice, it suspended hundreds of channels and now they are not getting their channel back in any condition, now many users are finding a better Youtube alternative and that’s why I ranked some of the best Youtube alternatives which are the top Video sharing sites next to YouTube.

Based on the Number of visits, popularity, and User experience, below is the list of Top 10 Alternatives to YouTube based on the User experience, website global ranking and the service they provide. 

1. Daily Motion


Daily Motion is one of the most popular and the best video-sharing platform after Youtube. The interface is something like Youtube. Dailymotion’s copyright policies are not as harsh as Youtube’s; you can post whatever you want. But it has some cons also as HD uploads are only limited to pro users, video length is limited to 60 minutes, not as popular in the US as in Europe and at last, some videos may be pirated. It is available for Windows, Android, web, and iOS.

2. Vimeo


Vimeo is a place where most of the creators are related to music, entertainment, snapshots, and more stuff. Ad-free browsing, high-definition videos, great analytics tools, and a customizable video player make it unique. It generates revenue through the contribution of creators, and paywalls. Moreover, it has cons like it has a weekly upload limit of only 500MB and is upgradable to 5GB and the revenue sharing is not that good; i.e. either you can use a “Tip Jar” or “Paywall”.

3. Metacafe


If you are in a search of short-video sharing platform then Metacafe is the best available place for you. Metacafe features no age restriction, the average video length is 90 seconds and your videos can even get a $5/1000 view. The best thing I like on Metacafe is there are too much fewer crap and non-sense videos as compared to Youtube. Now, if we discuss its cons then your videos need a minimum of 20k views to be monetized.

4. Dtube


Dtube is another best alternative to Youtube if you are comfortable with crypto as it pays in “STEEM”. The interface is almost the clone of Youtube, but unlike Youtube it is ad-free and in fact, you just need to upload your video and that’s it. You will be paid for uploading videos as well as for posting good comments. The only disadvantage of using Dtube is there are not enough videos on the platform as compared to other video-sharing websites.



If are interested in a better streaming service on your phone then IGTV may be useful for you. IGTV is the fastest rising video streaming service as Instagram reached 1 Billion active users. The UI is simple and classy. It is a better platform for new users and there is no need for any signup; you can directly post by your Instagram account. The cons are it is only limited to portrait mode, monetization is absent, video length is limited to one hour and the analytics are not much better than others.

6. 9GAG TV


If you are on the way to finding a video-sharing portal for pure entertainment then 9GAG TV is available for you. The majority of the content is funny videos, chats, photos, and movie trailers. Well if you are finding the extreme level then you can browse the “WOW” and “WTF” sections.

I can’t find any disadvantages of 9GAG except it is highly addictive.

7. Twitch

Are you a gamer and finding a platform exclusively for games? If yes, then Twitch is the right place for you. Twitch provides you with ad-free browsing, and live broadcasting. You can also make some revenue from the donation, in fact, it is far better than Youtube gaming.

The cons include fewer payouts than Youtube, streaming is a little bit slow as compared to other websites and you can’t rewind any video.

8. Veoh


Veoh is also a great alternative to Youtube. The features include a clean interface, a good range of social features available to share your videos, and videos of any length that can be uploaded on Veoh. If we talk about the cons of Veoh then I got one i.e., the search is not as pleasant as other streaming services.

9. Vevo


After browsing all this stuff, I think you are a music lover; If yes, then you should not go far more than Vevo. You can watch official music videos of global bands and artists. The user interface is much better than Youtube and the best part is you will never go through any promotional content and most of the videos are in HD.

There is only a single weird stuff on Vevo i.e., you can’t upload your own videos unless you are much popular.

10. Internet Archive


The Internet Archive is actually a non-profit digital library of websites and stuff. Among all the stuff you can find more than four million videos on IA. The video player is JS-based. You can find almost everything on the internet archive.

3. YouTube Apps for Windows 11

There are many options, including myTube, but each is distinct and has a distinctive user experience. The programs’ ability to switch between several resolutions for videos can help you improve your experience. Yes, that is accurate, and the background plays functionality as well. Although the web browser can access YouTube, the app offers greater convenience. 

Your experience would be enhanced with these apps thanks to all the customization choices they provide, like 4K Offline playback and more. We know that Google does not currently offer a Windows YouTube app for the Microsoft Store. Given the popularity of Android and the continued death of Windows for mobile devices, this may never happen in the foreseeable future. 

Windows 11’s Top YouTube applications

We support people who would rather view YouTube through an app than a web browser. The following third-party YouTube apps are available on the Microsoft Store, and we’ll discuss why you should now use the top 10 YouTube apps for Windows 11.

1. Pro Tube (Free Edition) 

This website is for you if you’re looking for something that can provide you with the same delight and experience as Youtube. It has all of the top features. 

As soon as you download it to your system, you can discover some additional functions it carries. Here are some of them:

  • Play 4K 60 FPS videos
  • Play streams of live videos.
  • Can disable the navigation bar when videos are being played. 
  • Examine the area’s history.

The fact that this application is available on the Microsoft shop for free is the nicest part. 

2. myTube App 

Are you the type of person that immediately skips the comments when they appear on the video page? Then this app will be of great use to you. This allows you to continue watching your favorite videos while you move down the page. It adds a translucent video to the screen to continue viewing the video and reading the comments on the page.

Its ability to play and enjoy the video’s audio even when you navigate to another application on your computer is another of its best features. All mobile users have sought this function for a very long time, but they have sadly been unable to acquire it.

The premium version of the program runs about $0.99. 

3. Tubecast for Youtube 

Thanks to contemporary technology, many TVs now include features, one of which is the ability to run an app that lets users watch and enjoy films on their TV. If you’re interested in anything similar, download this app to your devices to make it possible. This allows you to cast videos to practically every instrument capable of receiving them. It includes support for Xbox, PlayStation, AirPlay, DLNA, and Chromecast. 

The nicest feature is that it lets you download YouTube videos to your Android phone. Additionally, it offers the option of continuing your film while downloading it. It has common features like: 

  • I am managing history.
  • You are watching all of the subscription channels in addition to many others.

4. WinTube for Youtube 

This software allows you to watch and enjoy your favorite YouTube apps on your desktop screen and performs optimally for the purpose it was designed for. 

It allows you to manage in the same way you have been managing up to this point and carries all the standard controls in application format on your system. You may also download videos to your computer using it. This way, you may watch and enjoy your favorite videos even if there is no internet connection. 

5. Perfect Tube App 

Another on the list, this one enables you to customize how you view videos on your device while still providing you with the same flawless YouTube experience. This allows users to: 

  • Watch and take pleasure in their favorite flicks.
  • Access the whole list of hot videos.
  • Use gestures to control how their videos are played back.

Now, if you want to browse but don’t want the video to stop playing simultaneously, it has micro players that you can use to keep the video playing wherever you browse on your system. It enables users to set it as the default application to open links like your web browser. 

In this manner, you can avoid the effort of manually entering the link to search for movies when you discover something of interest during browsing sessions. 

6. Awesome Tube

This one offers the same typical desktop experience, but it does so in a way that makes it appear more like an application than a website. Users can access their preferred: 

  • Videos.
  • Recently added videos.
  • Notifications when a video on the subscribed channel gets live, among other things. 

The best yet coolest feature is that you can watch your videos while using other system apps to complete activities or browse the web. 

7. FizzTube

This one combines three separate applications to provide you with the following benefits:

  • On your system, download, watch, and convert videos. 
  • With this fantastic tool, you can find any video in any genre, play videos, and download them to your device for later use. 
  • With this, you can convert your films between different file types, allowing you to play them on any of your digital devices. 

On the Microsoft Store, it can be obtained without charge. 

8. 4K Player for Youtube 

This is a wrapper through which you can still use the same conventional methods to access the platforms and their movies. Clients may: 

  • Watch the videos they enjoy.
  • Access the past.
  • Look for fresh videos to watch.
  • Manage every aspect of the account. 

This is the right place for you if you enjoy leaving comments on videos. Additionally, this program includes sharing and other capabilities for all of you. The price is about $2.49.  

9. Youtube TV Official App 

Online TV streaming services are becoming increasingly popular today. On a desktop computer, you can use this application to access all the live channels that are offered on the platform. 

You only need to log in to the application to access various TV networks, such as ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox, and NBC. 

10. Music player for Youtube 

With this goal in mind, this is the greatest program available if listening to and enjoying your favorite music is one of your key motivations for visiting Youtube. It was created exclusively for all music lovers and enables users to download music tracks for offline enjoyment or storage on their PC.

You can use this to download videos in MP4 or MP3 formats to your computer. Users can play these files on any device, including a laptop.

Honorable mention 

With Watchr for the Microsoft Store, watching YouTube videos is simple. Click an image symbol to start watching a YouTube video; the page will change, and the video will start playing in a small window. 

You now know about the top 10 YouTube alternative apps for Windows 11! You’ll find them useful. They include a variety of players and video downloaders.

More YouTube Alternative Apps

Other than these 20 platforms, here are a few more alternative apps for YouTube.

21) The Internet Archive

 Hey seniors!! Can’t find your favorite movies, shows, songs, books, etc. which you used to have years ago? Try searching for them on The Internet Archive…thank me later

Generally, we all have many movies and TV shows that we used to watch and love but can’t find anywhere because of so much new content and The Internet Archive saves us the trouble by bringing them right in front of us. You can find almost anything on The Internet Archive whether it be a song, book, or movie, or too for absolutely free. I feel nostalgic!

22) BuzzFeed

 Sometimes all the types of content which we like to consume are too different to be found on a single site or platform such as Youtube. 

So, if you, too, like different kinds of content such as quizzes, vital journalism, news, DIY hacks, and many more then BuzzFeed is your new best buddy. It has news, quizzes, DIY hacks, celeb news, tasty food videos, recipes, and everything mentioned earlier. BuzzFeed is probably the only platform that focuses on similar, yet distinguishable content so well that people who have different tastes than others can too find what they need, in a single place. Actually, it’s too difficult to understand what BuzzFeed is unless you try it yourself.

BuzzFeed for Android | BuzzFeed for iOS

23) Sprout Video

 Just as the name suggests, Sprout Video is a platform for young, aspiring sprouts. What does it mean? Sprout Video promises that if you’d make and upload content on their platform, they’d make sure that those videos playback on every modern device and browser…Woah!

Sprout Video is something that every small Business enterprise or Entrepreneur should try. Nothing good for viewers? That’s definitely not the case. One can learn by watching the content uploaded by different business firms in Sprout Video and make sure to rectify his/her mistakes; win-win for both creators and viewers. 

24) Utreon

Utreon is an upcoming and rapidly growing video platform that promises to provide quality service to both, creators and viewers. For all those 90s people who’ve used YouTube in its earlier days, consider Utreon as the same and you’d definitely love the simple UI and user interface it gives. Just wish that this platform avoids all the mistakes that YouTube made and, in the future, becomes the perfect version of YouTube. 

Utreon for Android | Utreon for iOS

25) Bitchute

Right to Speak, that’s a fundamental and common right that everyone has but usually, that’s not possible on all the platforms. If you wanna talk about an opinion of yours that others wouldn’t even listen to before getting mad, you’re more than welcome on Bitchute. Bitchute provides content to its viewers which might not be acceptable to many people. Definitely, it would’ve been much higher on the list if the users would’ve used it in better ways. Many times, people on Bitchute, make conspiracies or talk about things that they shouldn’t and that makes it a bit difficult for us to rank it higher. After all, we care about you the most:-)

26) Vevo

Listening to music is also a part of consuming content and some people like to watch music videos along with listening to music. Vevo is the best one in the market for music lovers. Vevo lets you watch music videos, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and even Live-performance of your favorite artists. But it isn’t limited to just music, Vevo also lets you watch many original series that you’d definitely love.

Vevo for Android | Vevo for iOS

27) Veoh

 If you think of it, TV can also be an alternative to YouTube. But the problems like immobility and a large setup wouldn’t allow users to leave YouTube for TV. No problem, Veoh can be your mobile TV which you can access anytime, anywhere. It contains countless channels and television shows that you’d never get bored of. Along with television shows, you get independent productions and even user-generated videos. It’s worth giving a shot!

Veoh for Android | Veoh for iOS

Ready to use YouTube Alternative?

It has been rightly said that no platform is good or bad, it’s the people who use it and decide to either make it greater or worse.

That’s what we believe in and therefore, through this article, it isn’t our motive to defame Youtube. It is a great platform to express yourself but lately, it hasn’t been what it used to be. So, we recommended these Video streaming apps and websites as alternatives to YouTube for everyone reading this. Please let us know what you think of the list and which apps/websites you liked the most. Happy Streaming!

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