Top Apps For XBOX (One X & One S) in 2022

InternetTop Apps For XBOX (One X & One S) in 2022

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The main reason people buy an Xbox is to play games, but that’s not all you can use your console for. Xbox apps provide access to lots of video content, including your favorite movies and TV shows, and that’s not all. If you are looking for a list of the best Xbox apps for movies, music, sports, and more, you are at the right place.

Apps for XBOX

List of Xbox Apps 2022

Based on the user rating and review below are the Top 5 Apps for Xbox you can use in Xbox one, one S, 360. To watch movies, listen to songs, and more.

1. Netflix

netflix App

Netflix is the best Movie and TV show streaming app in any platform now, you can get the same joy in your Xbox now. Go to the store and search for Netflix, Install and enjoy thousands of Movies and TV Shows.

2. Mixer

Mixer App for Xbox

Mixer, Microsoft’s game-streaming service, provides swift live broadcasts that you will appreciate if you are a live streaming fanatic. Soundboards that you can customize and visual features to co-streams allow interactivity among streamers and viewers in a fun and personal approach, while the simple setup makes streaming from anywhere at any time with your Xbox easier. When you’re not broadcasting or watching a stream, you can mingle with other members directly using the chat option or community forum. The Best part is that the Mixer is built right into your Xbox – you don’t need to download an app from the store.

3. Plex for Xbox

Plex App

Plex for Xbox is a famous media server that lets you keep all of your favorite television shows, movies, and other multimedia in one place and access it whenever and wherever you want. You can even access all of that content and watch it on your television using Plex. There is also an option to sign up for Plex Pass and watch and record over-the-air television from the app. The Plex Pass costs $120 for a lifetime subscription or $40 per year or $5 per month.

4. Pandora

Pandora App

The Pandora app on the Xbox can be used to listen to your favorite tracks even while you continue to play games. Xbox’s Guide menu lets you easily adjust tracks and volume on the fly. A free account provides easy access to 100 customized stations. There’ are also some video game stations available on Pandora.

5. Hulu

Hulu App

Hulu’s streaming app is a source for you to check out all the latest episodes of your favorite shows. So, you’ll find your favorite Family Guy and Future Man here, but you’ll be able to access some very popular movies. You’ll require a subscription to stream content on Hulu. The available subscriptions you can choose from are $5.99 per month which comes with limited commercials, and the No Commercials plan at $11.99.

6. Spotify

Spotify App

The Spotify app on Xbox lets you listen to your favorite songs. You can play tracks separately or in the background of your gaming session. It lets you customize your listening experience from your smartphone or using the Xbox’s Guide menu. Whether your account is free, unlimited, or premium, Spotify offers you access to more than 35 million songs and pre-planned playlists based on your listening habits. And if you’re an enthusiast for video game soundtracks, you can take advantage of Spotify’s dedicated game playlists, including top from various games.

7. YouTube


Watch your Favourite YouTube Channels on a bigger screen with a great audio using Xbox one App. With YouTube, you can ignore Netflix and watch Movies, Comedy, Documentary and more for nearly free.

8. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is one of the best Radio stations with very huge collection on Music, Sports, Comedy and more. you can use TuneIn Radio in your Xbox one for free. Published by TuneIn, Inc.

9. Soundcloud


Soundcloud is another Music streaming platform with more than 150M users who host and listen to music on Soundcloud, you can install this app in Xbox one and have the dance floor with so much music.

10. Facebook Watch

Facebook watch App

Same like youTube you can watch all the favorite Game shows, music, comedy and more of Facebook using Facebook watch on your Xbox one.

Best Apps for Xbox

Here are the best Apps for Xbox, you can try and pick the best one that suits you.

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