Windows 8 Tiles Customization Tips.

Customise your Windows 8 Tiles: Windows 8 Tiles Customization Tips

                       Hey, There! Windows 8 users, Here are some special tips about Windows 8 Tiles. Tiles are the Application squares in the start screen.  You can resize, relocate, remove, make list and many more.  Here are 10 Windows 8 Tiles Customization Tips to make your Start Screen Better Aligned. Whatsoever Just wait for Windows 10 🙂 Click here ro know more about Windows 10.

10 Windows 8 Tiles Customization Tips.

  • You can resize any tiles by Rightclicking the Tile and choose resize. You could find 4 varied sizes and in some case 2.
  • Click, drag and Move any Tile toward the Top of the Tile screen to get a larger view of the Tile Start screen. or At the bottom right corner your Start screen you could find ” – ” Button, Just click – this makes Zoom out of the screen.
  • You can Turn Off the live tiles by choosing Turn Off at Right Click.Customise your Windows 8 Tiles
  • Try Zoom out of the screen and you can click and drag the Group of tiles (List) and make right click to Name the Group.
  • You can Scroll left to right through Tiles using mouse wheel.
  • Pin your Desktop Shortcut or Program to the start screen by rightclicking the icon and click Pin to Start.
  • You can create  a new Tile Group by moving the tile to the vertical space called Speed Bump.
  • You can keep the tile in your task bar by making a right click and choose Pin to Taskbar.
  • Unpin the unwanted tiles by choosing Unpin from Rightclick menu.
  • You Have Manage, Uninstall and more at Rightclick.



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