Where do iPad downloads go?

InternetWhere do iPad downloads go?

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This has been a long-lasting issue that Android users who move to iPhone have. In the Android system, we have a common file system and all your files and downloads go. So, that any file you want, you can go to the File Manager and find it there. But that’s not the case when it comes to the Apple Operating system.

Find Downloaded items location in iPad

The way it works in iOS is that every app and every feature has its own bubble of storage and the collective storage represents the storage used in the device.

In this article, let’s see where do the downloads go on the iOS device.

Files App in iOS

But in iOS 11, there was a new App that was introduced called Files. Files in the file management app for both iOS and iPadOS. This app allows users to store and manage local files stored within the apps installed and also the files stored in cloud storage services like iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.,

Files is an easy-to-use File Management system, where functions like drag and drop files between folders and other apps. Please note that this works mostly in iPad because drag and drop work only in multitasking supported devices.

Other features include File compression, file format conversion, and other features.

Downloads in the iOS device

If you have ever downloaded anything on your iOS device, it can be a bit confusing as to where to go and see them. So, in case you want to access them, you need to go to the Files app.

Locate the Files app. The best way is to swipe down on the home screen and in the search bar that appears, type Files and tap on the first result that appears. You could also, go and search for it on the home screen if you choose to do so.

In the files tap “On My iPad” from the sidebar. You can see that under the Locations section.

Under that choose Downloads Folder. In this Folder, you will find all the downloaded files.

Where do iPad downloads go?

Now, that you have the Downloads folder it doesn’t mean tath you will find all the files. The developers have to make a choice to make sure that files are being saved in the Files app. So, in case they choose not to, then you won’t be able to see those files in the Files app.

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