When is Google’s Birthday?

InternetWhen is Google’s Birthday?

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Google’s Birthday

Our beloved search engine is 19 years old now. Believe it or not, 27th September is celebrated as Google’s Birthday. Isn’t it weird that we celebrate the birthday for a website? Maybe not! When we think about it Google has been here for us for several years now and it is practically impossible to think about a life where Google does not exist! Well, we cannot rely on Bing or Yahoo as much as we can on Google, right?

So, When is Google’s Birthday?

It is 27th September,  wait a minute, why Google is showing September 4, 1998, in knowledge graph? scroll down to History of Google Birthday to find the answer.

Google's Birthday

Fun Fact: Google is so popular that the word Google is now recognized as both a verb as well as a noun.

People across the globe use Google on a daily basis to such an extent that Googling is actually a thing now. So, the next time you hear somebody saying, ‘Wait, I need to Google this to find out if it is true.’Don’t sweat about the grammar in their sentence structure, it is perfect.

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Google’s Birthday! 19th Edition

Google celebrated its 19th Birthday on 27th September 2017 with its famous Google Doodles. Do you know what a Google Doodle is? When you search for www.google.com, you are redirected to a Google webpage of your home country. Here, you will see Google either in its classic multi-colored logo or with some funny animations. These animations depict a historic event that took place on the exact day, that day. On the 27th September this year, Google doodle depicted its 19th birthday in all its glory with the party poppers and the cake with the candles that depicted its age.

History of Google’s Birthday

Google is such a vital part of our lives that it is not fair to grant it one birthday per year. That’s right. The date for Google’s Birthday has changed quite a lot in the past couple of years. Google has celebrated its birthday on 27th September for the past 11 years. However, before 2006, Google did so on 26th September. Before that, it did so on September 7 and September 8 before that.

So, why does Google have 4 different birthdays? Well, because Google, being an arbitrary entity is launched in various stages. There is a day when the website went live, a day when the website launched its corporate office and a day when the first Google Doodle was used. As far as we are concerned, we are just happy that Google exists and hope that it never leaves our side for years to come.

Google is Not Only a Search Engine

You might not know this, but Google is not only a search engine. It is one of the biggest companies in the world because it provides several SaaS services along with the search engine feature. The most commonly used Google services that form a major part of our day to day internet activities include:


Google is home to the world’s most popular email services. Gmail is a Google SaaS that is used by millions of people across the globe.

Google Drive

Gdrive is another initiative taken forward in the direction of cloud computing. Google has created the most intuitive interface and offers free data storage facilities to all the people in the world.


Yes, Google owns YouTube too!

Apart from these, Google offers several other SaaS (Software as a Service) like Google Earth, Books, Play, Music, Android OS. Etc. Google is also participating in the initiative to create driverless cars as well as other innovative products. So, the next time when you see someone excited for Google’s Birthday, you cannot blame them since Google is indeed a friend in need!

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