What you should know about professional Invoicing Software

InternetWhat you should know about professional Invoicing Software

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Receiving payment instant for delivered goods and services is of utmost importance to small business owners, freelancers, and service providers, even more than large companies and establishments.

The truth is that invoicing is such a hassle for most people. First, you need to create an invoice, send them to the customer or client, and follow them up to ensure that the bills have been rectified which takes an awful time if you ask any business owner, they can testify to this.

Even worse, recurring invoices cost more money than they should. This is why most business owners and service providers are on the hunt for professional invoicing software that makes life easier and billing a lot more fun.

Using these professional business invoicing tools helps you manage every business operation without wasting more time or money. There are tons of available alternatives and options for anyone to choose from.

Invoice Software

If you read to the end, you’ll find our best lists of these professional invoice software and tools for your small business, freelance, and service enterprise.

Hands-on, professional invoicing and billing software ensures that you can easily track projects and receive your payments on time. Most of this software has features that convert the quotes automatically into an invoice for you and also track hours that you’d like to bill for.

A comprehensive buying guide for choosing a professional Invoicing Software for your small business

When it comes to collecting payment from the clients or customers that you’ve delivered such service, you’ll need to insist on getting paid before they do it. The point is that you cannot manually follow up on every service that you’ve offered especially when the customer is busy. This is where the beauty of professional invoice tools comes to play.

Easy to use for payment

Professional invoicing software should be able to take away the difficulty of use in the billing operations of the business and speed up the task of receiving payment for offered services.

The model and type of business

The model and type of business you operate including your clients determine the type of invoice software you should go for. This ensures that you serve them well and take the stress off their shoulders for easy payment processing.

Retail business owners deal more with cash and credit card payment models while service-based and freelancers usually have a need for these professional invoicing solutions.

Small business owners often embody the skill and ability to remember the services that they’ve offered including the payment alternatives for getting their payment immediately.

Using professional invoice software allows you to easily track your sales, the person that you’ve billed, and the fees that apply for each of them. You’re also able to record every useful data and information in tour bookkeeping and accounting process.

Beyond sending payment requests and bills

Several invoicing systems are useful for entering and recording business transactions. Accounting tags them as sales order entries. Whether you’re simply searching for the perfect tool to send payment requests, and bills and process these payments too, you’ll need to consider the entry order of the software and be sure that it fits your business model at best.

A comprehensive list of professional Invoicing Software

So far, we’ve been able to establish the importance and relevance of these professional invoicing solutions to your business and service operations. They can save you a ton of time and cost too if you find the perfect one that your business needs. You’re also able to manage these processes better without wasting time on frivolities.

We’ve taken our time to give you lots of options to choose from depending on the kind of business or service that you render. Also, you need to be sure that these invoices add that special touch on personalization. Finally, you can track your payments in real-time and follow up on outstanding bills and payments.

The question might be which one is the perfect choice for you. There is no right or wrong answer to this. Carefully read the recommendations and go with what suits your operation the best. Let’s get down to business.


FreshBooks is one of the recommended professional invoicing tools for small business owners, freelancers, and service providers as well. The platform, over the years, continues to expand its scope and add useful tools and features to make payment collection and billing easier for its users. One such feature is the double-entry feature for small business owners.

Fresh offers a variety of apps for managing payments, receiving invoices, and payroll including their integration with Gusto for business owners. On FreshBooks, you can get the lite plan per month for $15 per month, the Plus plan goes for a monthly subscription plan of $30, and the premium plan is priced at a monthly subscription of $55 including their custom package.


Scoro is a professional invoicing solution and business management software for handling your invoicing process. You can easily design and compile well-designed and luxurious invoices for your customers and clients, send reminders for due payments, and receive your money faster.

Some of their best features include prepayment of credit invoices, custom sales invoices, recurring payment setups, and lesser monthly bills.

The interesting feature of Scoro is that you get all the tools to handle all aspects of your business operations in one place-this includes projects, invoices, bills, and your customers, Rather than using several spreadsheets and emails which could get lost or become confusing in a short period.

Scoro offers a monthly subscription of $26 per user/month.


Quickbooks is fast becoming a household name for business owners and service providers who prefer cloud software for their accounting and invoicing needs.

The software is designed to keep your financial solutions organized on the go. Due to the cloud feature, you’re able to create invoices across your devices.

At a monthly renewal rate of $10.36 per user, you can send and create custom invoices to your customers including receipts and estimates of the transaction, and track real-time sales, profits, sales tax, purchase orders, and ongoing projects.

Zoho Books

ZohoBooks covers every basic requirement that business owners need on a typical invoicing solution. The software makes accounting quite simple to track expenses, and bank account synchronization, create sales reports, and control your accounting needs through the mobile device anywhere you are.

With ZohoBooks, sending invoices to your customers and clients is considerably easier including setting up the renewal of recurring invoices and processing payments in one click.

Small business owners are also able to track their annual and monthly expenses and send the bill to the clients in one go.

This way you can handle your financial reports through your bank account and the cash flow statement for the business. This also makes tracking inventory and goods easier. ZohoBooks is beyond a professional invoicing solution, the software is designed to handle all accounting needs and solutions for small business owners, service providers, and anyone who may need to put their accounting needs in order.

ZohoBooks offers a monthly pricing rate of $10 for organizations with a 14-day free trial.


Xero is a simply designed accounting platform and solution for business owners who may not have the time to attend to their invoicing needs. The software provides easy tools that you may need to monitor the growth of your business and sort out your financial needs in one place. The platform supports multiple users in one account, security, and reliability including hands-on 24/7 customer support.

At $20 per month for each user, Xero supports professional custom invoices for business owners, recurring invoices, automated payments, emails to clients and customers, mobile usage, online credit or debit card payment, and PayPal integration.

This all-in-one simple accounting software supports sending invoices in bulk to various customers at the same time which saves you enough time. The more interesting part is that you receive a notification when the person opens the invoices. This way, you know who and when to follow up on the payments.


Last on the least but not least is this free cloud-supported professional invoicing platform and accounting software for small business owners. The platform supports you to keep track of your expenses, customer bills, and outstanding payments.

At a free subscription unlike other platforms, Wave allows business owners to send and receive professional invoices within seconds. You can also schedule and send repeat invoices for future billing on automation.

The platform also nudges your customers and clients to pay on time with their designed payment reminders.  You can also track your payments and invoices from the bank, and use credit cards to process payments faster using receipt bank tools.

Finally, what you’ll love about Wave, is that the IOS and Andriod usage is free for all your devices no matter where you are. This way, you can forward invoices to your customers and clients on the go. Wave supports all your accounting needs in one place and on the go.

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