What is Twitter Circle and how to use it

InternetWhat is Twitter Circle and how to use it

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In the last month, we have had so much information related to Twitter especially Elon Musk’s takeover. From the reported news, we can expect some major changes in the coming months in terms of management and also policy and content moderation.

In addition to the company wise changes, the users can also expect something in terms of features and also user experience. With the recent introduction of Twitter Blue and other features, we can expect to see Twitter goes into into the direction of commercial viability.

What is Twitter Circle

Twitter has introduced a new feature called Twitter Circle which is similar to the Close Friends in Instagram. So, basically this feature lets you tweet only to a small group of people that you chose.

Because up until now, you can limit your tweets to everyone who follows your or Public/Private visibility.

Also, one major thing to remember is that Twitter circle is in its early stages at the moment as of May 2022, so only a limited twitter users can tweet to their circle but we can expect the feature to be rolled out to all the users across the globe.

How to use Twitter Circle?

Twitter Circle will be a part of your Tweet Composer (the big blue button) in the home screen. Its super easy to setup your Twitter Circle and

You’ll manage your Twitter Circle from your Tweet composer. Whenever you need to add or remove someone, people won’t be notified that you’ve made a change, and you’re the only person who can see the full list of people in your Twitter Circle.

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Get started with setting up, adding, and removing people from your Twitter Circle with the edit button that appears when you choose Twitter Circle as the audience of a Tweet you’re composing. For help managing your Twitter Circle, follow the instructions below. 

  1. From the Home screen of web or mobile application, tap on the big blue buttom to open the Tweet Composer.
  2. Click or select Everyone dropdown which shows the Audience you want to show the tweet to. Tweet at Circle
  3. Tap Edit next to the option called Twitter Circle. If you don’t have that option then it means that you don’t have access to using Twitter Circle yet.  How it works
  4. Under the Edit section of Twitter Circle, you can add or remove people who are supposed to be part of the Tweet Circle. The serach feature can be used to search and add or remove people from the list of all the people you follow or following you as you can see. Modify
  5. Once you are happy with the list you have created, select Done.
  6. Now, back at the Tweet Composer, choose Twitter Circle under Audience next to Everyone, you can choose Twitter circle. Reply to Twitter Circle
  7. And whenever you send the tweet, it will be going to the people who are only in your Twitter Circle. NOtification

That’s about it. Its super easy to actually use Twitter Circle. I think this will be a good feature because its create small communities and groups where.


I have listed certain mostly asked questions about Twitter Circle. This might clear up any doubts you have about this new twitter feature.

Can anyone create a Twitter Circle?

Like I said earlier, it is not available for everyone at the moment but eventually this feature should be released for every Twitter user. There is not information as to whether this will be free for everyone.

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How is Circle different from protected account?

Protected account basically means that no one whom you have not accepted to follow your account can actually see your tweets. When it comes to Circle, you can choose who gets to see one by one instead of stopping people altogether and not being able to customize according to your liking.

What if you don’t want to use this feature?

You have total control over any feature so that if you don’t want to use this feature, you can just ignore it for ever. It will be there always under Audience in the Tweet Composer.

Is it possible to have more than once Twitter Circle?

No, its not possible. Only one Twitter Circle is allowed to every user.

Who and all can see the people in your Twitter Circle?

So, no one can see how to see the list of all people in your Twitter Circle. But lets say you tweet something to your circle and based on people who like and reply to that tweet, I guess its easy to actually figure out who else can see it. But in case if a person in your circle has a protected account, then only their followers who are also in your twitter circle can see the changes.

Can circle members retweet your tweet?

No, the tweets can only be interacted with (like and reply) and cannot be shared. There will not be a Retweet button. But please be aware that they can still take screenshots, copy paste and things like that.

Can members leave the Twitter Circle?

Members cannot remove themselves from your Twitter Circle. But they can mute the conversation if they choose to do so which ideally would take these tweets or anything from you altogether.

Is Twitter Circle different from Twitter Communities?

Yes, it is. Twitter communites is a special place inside twitter where you can connect and talk to people about topics you care. Its more like a group situation.

But Twitter Circle is purely for sharing Tweets to people who you choose from a small list.

The bottom line is now that Elon has taken over Twitter, we can expect some vigorous changes in the Platform especially in the areas of moderation and even the way they can become commercially viable.

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My personal opinion is that its a good thing and we can expect to see Twitter move in the right direction when it comes to the Freedom of Speech.

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