20 Sites to Learn Web Development (Free and No Signup)

Internet20 Sites to Learn Web Development (Free and No Signup)

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In this space, you will come across 20 top websites to learn website development and design for Free and No Sign-up, Most of the websites here offer free certification.

Top 20 Web Development and Design Websites

We rank these learning platforms based on their popularity, uniqueness, Global ranking (alexa.com) and range of topics covered. I’ve also written my previous post on websites to learn to code, hope that’s useful for you.

1. W3Schools

W3Schools offers comprehensive courseware on developing websites in a very handy format. The platform contains a wide assortment of courses and tutorials from basics to more advanced topics.

Global Website Ranking – 164
Daily Unique Visitors – 1,407,277

Go to w3schools.com

Download W3Schools Android App – 4.5

Download W3Schools iOS App 4

2. CSS Tricks

On CSS Tricks one can find Tips, Tricks, and Techniques on using Cascading Style Sheets.

Global Website Ranking – 2,446
Daily Unique Visitors – 265,026

Go to css-tricks.com

3. Quackit

Quackit is ideal for beginners. The courseware starts with the basics of topics such as HTML and CSS. One can also find tutorials on advanced topics as well.

Global Website Ranking – 21,901
Daily Unique Visitors – 25,571

Go to quackit.com

4. Tizag

Tizag is a learning platform that teaches beginners web programmer – Topics includ how to use HTML and CSS. Advanced materials on languages such as JavaScript, PHP, MySQL are also covered on Tizag.

Global Website Ranking – 89,673
Daily Unique Visitors – 8,079

Go to tizag.com

5. HTMLLite

On HTMLlite one can learn how to easily create web pages using a variety of page editors. The website covers web development in an easy and understandable way.

Global Website Ranking – 109,381
Daily Unique Visitors – 7,706

Go to htmlite.com

6. Free WebMaster Help

Free WebMaster Help one can find a range of articles and tutorials on such popular web technologies as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Flash and much more.

Global Website Ranking – 269,347
Daily Unique Visitors – 1,255

Go to freewebmasterhelp.com

7. HScripts

Hscripts offers a range of free resources for webmasters. Topics include scripts, images, tutorials, tools and more. Tons of examples and tutorials are also available on HScripts.

Global Website Ranking – 196,007
Daily Unique Visitors – 2,299

Go to hscripts.com

8. WebDevelopersNotes

WebDevelopersNotes offers free web programming tutorials, tips a, d notes on HTML, JavaScript, Flash, SQL, web graphics, web hosting, web promotion and on a variety of other related topics.

Global Website Ranking – 190,717
Daily Unique Visitors – 1,772

Go to webdevelopersnotes.com

9. EchoEcho

On EchoEcho one can learn everything from web page creation, building components, graphics, server scripting and more using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, XML, ASP, Cold Fusion, PERL and PHP tutorials.

Global Website Ranking – 81,729
Daily Unique Visitors – 9,978

Go to echoecho.com

10. Web Design Library

Web Design Library houses a plethora of resources both articles and tutorials on web design, graphics, web programming and site maintenance.

Global Website Ranking – 216,790
Daily Unique Visitors – 3,479

Go to webdesign.org

11. HTML Dog

The HTMLDog web designer resource is for everything HTML and CSS, the most common technologies used in making web pages.

Global Website Ranking – 50,704
Daily Unique Visitors – 9,265

Go to htmldog.com

12. Web Reference

Web Reference offers code examples about AJAX technologies.

Global Website Ranking – 114,841
Daily Unique Visitors – 6,484

Go to webreference.com

13. Simple PhotoShop

Simplephotoshop provides you with a quick overview of Photoshop interface and basic work principles.

Global Website Ranking – 245,464
Daily Unique Visitors – 3,574

Go to simplephotoshop.com

14. PageResource

PageResource is a web development tutorial and information site. The platform contains video and textual tutorials on HTML and CSS, JavaScript, CGI and Perl. One can also find a variety of articles written by experts on web technologies.

Global Website Ranking – 89,504
Daily Unique Visitors – 3,775

Go to pageresource.com

15. How To Build Websites

How-to-build-websites is designed for beginners. Stefan Mischook, who leads the platform step by step instructional videos on web development.

Global Website Ranking – 310,388
Daily Unique Visitors – 1,512

Go to how-to-build-website.com

16. Techi WareHouse

Techi Warehouse provides a range of materials on web technologies including CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and Flash.

Global Website Ranking – 468,947
Daily Unique Visitors – 1,608

Go to techiwarehouse.com

17. Academic Tutorials

Learn by conversing on Forums, along with 100s of tutorials on Programming, including website programming on Academic tutorials.

Go to academictutorials.com

18. HTML Primer

HTMLPrimer offers HTML and CSS tutorials from basics to advanced topics.

Go to htmlprimer.com

19. Jessett

Jessett covers such topics as usability, graphic design, HTML, CSS, and more. Step by step one can study the basics of web design, HTML and CSS with inline preview examples.

Go to jessett.com

20. YooBee Online

On YooBee Online one can find a variety of FREE courseware on developing and designing websites.

Go to yoobeeonline.com

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