10 Websites to Learn code for Free Online

Web sites to learn Programming Codes


Students find E-learning as an effective and adaptive method, as they can learn it on the go with the help of mobile phones or laptops. There are many e-learning websites available. Among those here, I have listed the best websites for learning codes. Most of the websites tutors on java scripts, HTML and CSS.


1. W3schools

It is the best e-learning website to learn web development. It contains tutorials on HTML, CSS,JavaScript, SQL and PHP. W3schools will be very useful for beginners in web development.


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2. CodeAcademy

Codecademy offers free coding classes online for 8 languages including ruby, python, jQuery, JavaScript, AngularJS, Ruby, HTML and CSS. It is stated that more than 24 million users had benefited out of Codecademy

3. Treehouse

 It offers interactive course on we development, mobile development and business development. It also provides courses on word press, python, java and ruby. Treehouse gives a quick about how they teach, for new students.

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4. Udacity

Udacity started giving computer science classes through Stanford university in the year 2011. Now, udacity is educating students on programming principles, building high performance, software testing, computer graphics and many other programming courses.

5. Code school

Codeschool , the best website to learn web technologies and mobile technology. It helps students to specialize in ruby, java script, HTML/CSS, SQL and Ios. It helps students with video tutorials and many coding challenges. It also provides web support for students through Skype.

6. Codecombat

Code combat  is another interesting online e-learing website which educates user by allowing them to play. Yes, it is a website to learn coding for games. You could even code for mazes, puzzles and multiplayer games.

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7. SQLZoo

SQLzoo offers complete tutorial on SQL using SQL server, oracle, DB2 and MySQL. It would be very useful for students who are interested in learning Database and Oracle.

8. Bento

Bento is an other online tutoring website which teaches coding on HTML,CSS,java script, python,flask, sql and jquery. It also provides tutorials about application development in windows and android phones.

9. I Love Coding

I Love Coding provides video tutorials on java script it helps users to code likeprofessional developer with in 12 weeks of beginning the course. It is very useful for learners who wants to be a professional jstack back end developer.

10. Coursera

Besides coding, Coursera teaches cryptography, social psychology, finance and engineering too. Education is provided by the best universities like university of califonia, university of Pennsylvania and duke university.

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